DODOcases for the Nexus 7 (2013)

DODOcase may be best known in the past for making beautiful book bound cases for the iPad since 2010, but in more recent years this San Francisco company has been branching out to phones and tablets from all manufacturers. The case maker prides itself on making its products with that old hand-crafted quality and timeless look, and its selection of cases for the Nexus 7 (2013) are no exception.

While these DODOcases may be more expensive than you're used to paying, you won't feel like you're not getting something for that money. Each of the following four cases seem painstakingly well made, built with quality materials and designed to take the edge off our technology and make it feel a little more friendly. Hang tight after the break and see the entire collection of DODOcases for the Nexus 7 (2013).

DODOcase Color Block

Made with the quintessential DODOcase styling, the Color Block is a book binding-style case available in a variety of color combinations that gives off a fantastic look whether opened or closed. Holding the tablet in place is a bamboo inlay that is carved out in just the right places to accommodate ports and buttons, where small patches of leather grab onto the corners securely. When the cover is closed you could slide your Nexus 7 on the shelf in your library and no one would be the wiser — this case really adds a level of sophistication to an otherwise unapologetically "tech" device.

The cover flips open — turning on the tablet in the process via a magnet — just like a finely-crafted book and even folds all the way back to make it easier to hold in one hand. A flexible nylon strap keeps the cover on the tablet when not in use or pins the cover back when it is, and adds that little bit of contrasting color that just makes the whole case look exquisite.

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DODOcase Durables Sleeve

The Durables Sleeve is probably best comparable in terms of price (both being expensive) and form factor to the official Nexus 7 Sleeve from Google, but past those two points these cases are nowhere near the same. The Durables Sleeve is primarily made of a waxed canvas material (available in three colors) that is amazingly well-stitched and lined on the inside with an orange cotton lining. A hand-stitched leather wrap on one side gives you a nice place to grip the pouch when it holds the Nexus 7 and an extra bit of flair to boot.

You get the feeling that the Durables Sleeve really is deserving of the name and will keep the tablet safe from regular bumps whether its just tossed around the house or in and out of a bag. We wish that there was some sort of clasp or strap to guarantee that the tablet didn't accidentally slide out of the pouch, but it sits snugly enough on its own that we weren't worried about dropping it.

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DODOcase Folio

For those who have no limit to the extreme level of pampering they're willing to give their Nexus 7, the DODOcase Folio will fit you perfectly. This ungodly expensive ($125) case goes far beyond what most would be willing to spend for a case on their tablet that costs less than twice as much, but you're going to get something for that hard-earned cash. You can think of this as a Color Block case taken to the extreme.

Functionally the Folio is very similar to the Color Block, with the same bamboo inlay and styling. But instead of a standard book binding you're getting a hand-tooled leather one, externally you have a higher-quality stitched casing and inside flanking your Nexus 7 is a honest-to-goodness paper notepad — tastefully embossed with "dodocase" at the bottom. The leather spine doubles as a pen holder, and underneath the paper pad you'll find two matching leather pouches to hold business cards, cash or credit cards.

This is what we'd call an "executive" case for your Nexus 7. And while we honestly don't think it's the most functional case in the world since it adds a considerable amount of bulk to an otherwise thin and light tablet, we wouldn't blame you for drooling over this one for a little while.

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DODOcase HARDcover Classic

Of all the DODOcases on offer for the Nexus 7 (2013), we think the HARDcover Classic is our favorite of the bunch — and at $35 is the cheapest as well. Rather than wrapping around the sides of the tablet and holding it in place by the corners, the HARDcover attaches to the back of the tablet with three sticky pads. These sticky areas are made of a completely reusable material that holds onto the tablet extremely well, and with a wet towel regain all of its stickiness to use again and again.

Because the case just sticks to the tablet instead of wrapping around, the buttons and ports aren't obstructed by the edges and there's nothing getting in your way from using it. The extremely thin profile gives just the right amount of protection and has the same stretchy strap to hold it together, but folds back and away nicely to let you still hold the Nexus 7 in one hand for reading or anything else you want to do. It's a great case to protect the tablet, add a nice bit of style but not get in the way.

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As a group, the DODOcases for the Nexus 7 (2013) offer you style and quality that you just don't find anywhere else. While they may be a bit on the spendy side, you know that you're going to get great protection for your device and get a look that will impress no matter which one you choose.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.