Do you like the use of glass on phones?

Although smartphone materials can vary quite a bit, the one that OEMs tend to go after more times than not is glass.

The prominent use of glass can be seen on flagships such as the Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6, and upcoming Google Pixel 3. This material (usually) allows for wireless charging to be present, but even so, results in a phone that's much more fragile compared to metal and plastic counterparts.

Our AC forum users recently shared their thoughts about glass smartphones, and these are just a few of the comments we found:

It's mostly a case of form over function that the manufacturers can charge you more for.


My Honor 8 is a glass phone (both sides); and it was a beautiful phone and I loved it. However, my LG G3 and my Pixel 2 felt/feel just as good. It wasn't as if the glass made the phone feel any more "premium" - but I too would put cases on all of my phones; so I suppose it would be harder for me to comment on that. I just figured that the glass was an extra "benefit" but it was also an extra...


Glass is the worst in my opinion but some swear it makes for a premium feel. I'm not even sure exactly what that means.

Mike Dee

Well, plastic feels cheap. Glass feels heavier and more durable, appears to have a nicer quality.


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