Do you use an always on display on your phone?

There are a lot of benefits that come with AMOLED/POLED screens, but one of the most useful is that of an always on display. Always on displays keep a portion of your screen turned on to showcase the time, date, notifications, or other small bits of information, and allow you to quickly glance at your phone at any point to catch up on what's new.

Having an always on display can be a great benefit to stay in touch with what's going on while working away at the office or running around the house, but at the same time, also cause some extra strain on your battery.

Our forum users recently got into a discussion about whether or not always on displays were worth using, and this is what they had to say.

If you like it, use it. AOD doesn't drain enough battery to make anyone be on the fence about using it.


I get 6-7 hour with aod on 24/7. Battery health won be affected cause of aod in any way. Overnight i lose around 3% battery cause of aod


AOD is usually on from 10am - midnight . So I do have somewhat of break after midnight. About a 10 hr break from AOD. I honestly can't remember when I didn't have AOD. My last phone was a S7 Edge.


I used to have it on and was still getting 6-7 hrs before 20% but it's too much of a hassle for me. It's extra work to check notifications and stuff.


What about you? Do you use an always on display on your phone?

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