Do you think smartphones can compete with professional cameras?

Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

As smartphone cameras become more and more advanced, there continues to be a discussion around how much you can push these tiny sensors to get the best possible results out of them.

It's no secret that you can take incredible pictures with the Pixel 4, Galaxy S20, and other flagship phones, but are we at the point where these smartphone cameras can actually compete with professional-grade camera equipment?

This is a topic that's been endlessly debated for a while, and recently, some of our AC forum members began talking about it after someone shared a video comparing the S20 Ultra against a Sony a7 III.

There you go, for a all in one device the ultra does good. He even said if you want professional pictures get a professional camera. I personally think people are expecting to much from the ultra. Good video


I agree professional picture need professional camera, phone cameras are great for anything else you do with them .


A professional picture needs a professional photographer, someone with a full knowledge of the physics of light, artistic composition of subject and the vision to put those qualities together using a camera capable of capturing that vision. Having a "professional" quality camera in no way means that the average person suddenly becomes a professional photographer.


Since we are off on a tangent from the theme of the video I posted, I think we need a clear definition of professional as there are many levels of proficiency within any profession.

Mike Dee

What say you? Do you think smartphones can compete with professional cameras?

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  • Is this a real question?
  • Eventually, yes. Technology will get there as it always seems to do. I currently prefer a larger pro body in my hands but technology will get us there. This same argument happened back with film vs digital, albums vs digital, newspapers, and technology will figure it out. With the smaller form factor, they will need significant image stability, days of battery life to start. People are smart, they'll figure it out.
  • The thing is, professional cameras are advancing at the same speed as smartphone cameras, so smartphone cameras are always behind. Plus there are limitations on a smartphone with lens size etc. Don't get me wrong, smartphone cameras will get good enough (if they're not already there) that they can be used for businesses taking photos of products, or taking things like professional wedding photos, but they'll always be behind typical professional cameras in quality
  • A big faaaaaattttt NO. They can't.