Do you think phones have become too expensive?

OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy S10e
OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy S10e (Image credit: Android Central)

The advancements we've seen in the smartphone industry over the last couple of years has been incredible. Processors are ludicrously fast, bezels have pretty much vanished, and some camera packages capture shockingly good photos.

All of that's great, but so much innovation comes at a cost. If you've purchased a new phone recently, you'll know that prices have skyrocketed — sometimes reaching well over $1000.

Recently, this sparked a conversation in the AC forums about whether or not phones are too expensive.

If you think high price is related to quality. It isn't necessarily. It's more related to profit margins. The phones which used to be cheaper brands are now more expensive because they know that can get the $$$


If it wasn't for Jump On Demand, I wouldn't be upgrading nearly as much as I do. The tech only gets better. The phones only get nicer. Price is by far the biggest culprit, but yes, there's something to be said for not needing to upgrade so often. But on another level, there really isn't a need for any of these flagship level phones. We want them, we don't need them.


You guys have to remember we in this forum are a very small number of the phones sold, we buy more often. The general population do not and at these prices, they will slow down buying phones. Most everyone I know, they buy every couple years or more and at these higher prices they are leaning to longer. I think the average user, they found the it's to expensive price mark. Sales being down is...


I agree. Smartphones are getting way too expensive. The iPhpne XS Max retails for $1550 from my carrier. That's almost two months rent for me. Insanity. That makes the iPhone X's price look like a toy phone from Toys R Us. One reason why I'm getting the S10e - other than the smaller size, side-mounted fingerprint scanner, flat screen, aesthetics, and camera - is because of the lower price...


Now, we want to hear from you. Do you think phones have become too expensive?

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