Do you think the Galaxy S20 Ultra lived up to the hype?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

One of the more polarizing phones of the year has been the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. There were a lot of expectations for the device leading up to its release, and while it gets a lot right, it also comes with some quirks and drawbacks you don't want to see in a phone this expensive.

Now that the Ultra has had some time to breathe and exist in the wild, we wanted to check in with our AC forum members to see where their thoughts about the phone currently lie.

The s20 ultra may be the most polarizing phone I've seen to date. Before getting one, I said... to expensive, not much of an upgrade over last yr or even 2 yrs ago. Then I got an offer I couldn't refuse on one, so I traded in my trusty Note 9 and went all in with no s-pen. After getting it I kept reading and watching reviews and even people on this forum saying it was a bust, it was not...

Gray Area

My Ultra is my favorite phone I've owned. Love the size and feel. It just feels super premium and the screen and battery are brilliant. As for the cameras...I've taken primarily day photos with a good light and the pics are the best I've taken on a phone. I've taken a few lowlight/dark/night pics and they are hit and miss. Some come out really good, especially with the flash on, others not so...


I upgraded from the N10 + and I agree with the OP. I will add I haven't figured how to side step the bokeh effect when I take a standard photo after one camera update but otherwise I am Ultra happy with the S20U. Especially when I got it for 50% off. This device is definitely one to be experienced as a whole. Love how people love to trash a product for any reason without spending more then a week...


Came from the N10+ and I really enjoy the Ultra. Used to think it was too expensive with nothing much to offer. But it really is the best from Sammy so far. Great screen, speakers, batterylife and camera. Fluid throughout the whole UI.


What say you? Do you think the Galaxy S20 Ultra lived up to they hype?

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