Do you prefer using Samsung Messages or Android Messages?

Despite the popularity of services like WhatsApp and Telegram, good-old texting still remains as one of the most popular forms of communication for a lot of users.

There are plenty of third-party SMS apps you can grab from the Play Store, but two of the most popular first-party ones are Samsung Messages and Google's Android Messages.

Android Messages is gradually being updated with new features to slowly turn it into a much more powerful messaging service using the power of RCS, and while Samsung Messages has more features to-boot, it also has a tendency to send random photos of yours without your consent or leaving any trace of doing so.

With all that said, what app do you prefer using? Some of our AC forum users recently answered that very question, and this is what they had to say.

Android Messages is a work in progress. It does not have as many features as the Samsung messages app....yet. RCS(Chat) is also a work in progress on AM so it hasn't been fully implemented. Hopefully, they will add scheduling and customization to AM


RCS is available on the Samsung Messages app if you have the latest update. In fact, the latest slew of bugs that you will reported on the latest Samsung Messages app is about the RCS update which T Mobile pushed to it. So you actually lose stuff going to Android Messages, like the customizations, but you also lose the bug so that's good.


Personally prefer Android messages anyway much cleaner look and simpler. But I'm biased since I like Google apps more than Samsung apps since I have multiple Android phones and like to use same apps in all of them. It's interesting how this RCS implementation is going on with different carriers. Looks like a mess and fragmented.


What about you? Do you prefer using Samsung Messages or Android Messages?

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  • I barely use SMS as I contact most people using what's app. I just use the default Samsung SMS app on my note 8 for the occasional times I use it. If I needed it often, I would try out alternative apps to see which I prefer
  • Definitely Android messages after the web version came out.
  • Neither one.
  • Textra!
  • Textra, ftw.
  • I use Android Messages. The color scheme of Samsung Messages is pretty hard to take. Also, the layout seems odd for me.
  • You can change the theme of Samsung messages app
  • Who the hell still uses SMS messages?? its not 1998 anymore
  • Most people, at least in the US
  • I guess all the old people
  • No. Literally everyone.
  • I do. Yes, I'm old, but it freakin' just works...with everyone, everywhere. I can get my point across with actual words. Try it sometime. Cavemen communicated with pictures.
    P.S. I still use e-mail too.
  • Dumbest comment of the month so far. Congrats.
  • Darwm, I would LOVE to switch from SMS to use one of the plethora of messaging apps out there. Over the years I think I have used most of them, the latest was Telegram. I love(d) it but I run into the same problem I have ran into with Hangouts, WhatsApp, etc. and that is I and others don't always get notifications of messages. Here is the cycle....convince a girlfriend or family member to start using something besides SMS. "But <insert term of endearment here> this app is so cool, look at all the features and themes, etc." Everything goes well for a bit, long enough for them to get used to using it for all communications. Then after using it for a few months you have times where you don't get notified that there is a new message until you open up the app to see their frustrated messages trying to get a hold of you or vice versa trying to get a hold of them. You can smooth that over a few times or maybe convince them to try this other "NEW app that's way better than the last one!" but ultimately it happens EVERY time with EVERY messenger and its inconsistent. Spending time troubleshooting and reading on the message boards for the various apps, it happens to everyone but its not a regularly occurring problem and a reboot or a reinstall or a resetting the phone "fixes" until it randomly happens again. If I heard "well, texting always worked I don't know why we have to use this app" one more time....fine! You win. You all win. So I stopped pushing apps and now have to use SMS for those communications because it just always works. Before any advice into troubleshooting methods or "it doesn't happen to me", I work in IT and have for 28 years, so I have been around the block a few times. Personally I really like Telegram and still use it for some friends, support feeds, etc. and we use Skype at work but I am done trying to convince some of those in my circle to try something else, it's just too frustrating. To answer the original article's question though, I had been using TextTo which is a great app that allows texting from a PC no matter what SMS app you use along with Samsung's SMS app. I liked the uniformity with theming that the Samsung apps took (both with the Samsung themes and Substratum). I wished that they would include a swipe to delete or archive option though, Android Messages does. As soon as Google released their web messages, I switched over to it to try it in lieu of TextTo and have enjoyed it so far. As of today, Android Messages on my Note 8.
  • Teenagers surprisingly. I've seen then sitting right next to each other texting each other.
  • I know I will probably get killed here, but I have actually been happy with the Verizon Messages.. Only Verizon app I have not disabled
  • Well I've got your back. Samsung's messages is on the phone, but BigRed is the one that gets used most.
  • same here.. I actually like the app.. and the web version.
  • Works well. I used to use Android Messages with the OG Pixel I had, but use the Verizon Messages+ on my Note 8. Works well.
  • Same with me.
  • 'nother Messages+ user. We are... what's the diminutive for Legion?😁 And bonus! It doesn't send pictures to random contacts by itself 😆
  • I prefer the overall usage of Samsung Messages, but the lack of real GIF support is starting to kill it. Samsung needs to get their heads out of their asses.
  • What consists of real gif support? As I just sent a giphy gif from the gif tab of the Samsung keyboard to my wife through Samsung messages. What else do you need?
  • Still on Textra
  • Android messages.
    Samsung messages SUCKS. What baffles me though is the web version of Android messages has a dark mode but the phone version does not??????? SERIOUSLY GOOGLE?????
  • Can you explain why you think it sucks?
  • Poor gif support, bitmoji support, sends pics without your knowledge, no web sync, conversations are not as fluid as android messages
  • It has all of that when using Samsung keyboard. Gif, etc.... also has online computer mode through its side sync app...
  • I actually really like both. I have been using Android Messages on V30 and samsung messages on my S9+. I just started using AM on the S9 but I think I will be switching back
  • AM needs to add simple features link Subject Lines, message scheduling,
  • For me right now, it's AM. They messed up SM with the oreo update but not everyone has that update. They took away a lot of features on SM. No themes, you can't change the text size, you can't set different ring tones for contacts. AM is a work in progress. Hopefully it get's the features it deserves, like dark themes, search emojis. Right now for me AM is the better messaging app even though I'm not using either of these, I'm using Textra messages right now. So....
  • You can't set different ringtones for contacts on AM either.
  • yes you can
  • I don't think so, but please tell me how.
    You can do it per conversation, but when you delete the conversation the tone goes back to default.
  • Text size in SM can be changed by pinch and zoom.
  • Android messages looks like crap compared to Samsung. I use Whatsapp probably the most.
  • Samsung Messages is much cleaner, with more options, including setting a background theme. You can access contacts immediately, without expanding the good old three button menu control. But it's broken, potentially firing off random photos.... So Android Messages is ok.
  • Google messages
  • I really wanted Android Messages to work, I tried to just deal with it for a couple weeks....but they both lack the options that Textra has implemented that I really can't live without (MMS photo autosave, convert message >1 SMS into MMS [I hate getting a 10 part SMS from my mother, so this is a must for her phone], pin convos (okay SM has that)), however, Textra has no (and probably will have no for the foreseeable future) RCS. RCS is still a pile of hot garbage because it requires that person to use the same app AND have an Android phone too. This leaves out half of my family with iphones, and eliminates my friends with Android phones because I'm not going to tell them to use a certain text app. Just use a true cross platform chat app. Messaging still sucks in 2018 on Android.
  • RCS doesn't require people to use the same app
  • I've used Samsung's messaging app for years and have always had a hard time switching to Android Messages. I finally made the switch 2 months ago (before the bug) and I like it, so far. I do miss the customization and Bixby doesn't work with android messages but now that I can text from my computer, I might not go back.
  • You absolutely can and message from a computer on Samsung messages with side sync!
  • AM because I want to use GIFs
  • You can send gifs with SM with the samsung keyboard
  • Still a fan of Textra
  • Android Messages here, especially with the web addition. And, yes, there are people that still text message.
  • I stick to samsung messages pretty much for customization. But the lack of gif support through gboard is ridiculous. For that reason, I switch over to android messages once in a while. Who doesn't like to speak in gif?
  • I use Samsung Messages for two reasons: because my phone's theme makes the app completely black and because it has better implementation with my Gear S3.
  • I just switched over to AM last week and man it is so much better even when using Gear. I know I can't view the threads on it but I can compose and reply to messages without and issue and the gif support is so much better for me. Also it sends/receives faster. Just my take YMMV and use what you like.
  • I'm currently using Android Messages, no real issues with it but I would rather use a messenger app to communicate. Was just in Mexico and SMS/MMS would not work despite having the correct APN and network settings but FB messenger worked w/o a problem. Issue is getting friends and or family to download a meesnger app to communicate on when so many have their owned preferred method to communicate.
  • Loving Android Messages. Having a web platform makes Android Messages even better.
  • Handcent. Next false choice?
  • On my S9 I generally use AM most of the time but I sometimes switch back to Samsungs app. I prefer AM but I start to miss the customization and the cool notifications from SM after a while.
  • I go back and forth because I use a Gear S3 which prefers Samsung's app for obvious reasons. Overall I like Google's messaging because it handles GIFs better and has a brighter future I believe.
  • Well considering that I haven't had a Samsung phone since the Gnex. I'm happy using GM. Have WA but not many of my contacts use it. Sadly many do use imessage. So I'm a green bubble, get over it. Though it's would be nice if they could all cross communicate with each other. I'm dreaming there I know.
  • Neither, Textra.
  • No one using Pulse?
  • In fact switched from Textra to Pulse a few days ago... quite slick.
  • A happy Pulse user right here!
  • Verizon Message+
  • Android messages.
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  • Stalkers are bad.
  • You have issues
  • Lol, but he is persistent and funny
  • I'm flattered that you're obsessed with me but sorry I don't bat for the other side.
  • Lol, just don't let up keep the comments coming
  • Android Messages and Hangouts.
  • I still prefer Textra.
  • Textra rules! 😎
  • Does AM let you schedule messages for future delivery yet?
  • Nope. Ive wished for this
  • FB messenger...for SMS and FB
  • I use Textra, but I continue to monitor Android Messages. Right now Textra is just too good to give up.
  • I prefer Samsung messenger because of the customization with Samsung themes, gives it a clean look. Might go to Android Messenger after they update it for Android P enabling larger files to transmit without severely reducing size, RCS and dark themes.
  • Android messages. Didn't mind Samsung messages but it was a bit basic and the nail in the coffin for me was the desktop client for Android.
  • As an avid hiker/ expedition leader, I prefer Samsung Messages hands down. I've found myself in countless situations in the mountains where I've had no 3G/4G/WiFi data reception (which is required for Android Messages, as I understand it)... But I've had zero to one bar of voice reception (which is JUST enough to send an old fashioned text). That could mean the difference of life and death in an emergency.
  • Absolutely Android massages
  • Samsung messages, BUT not having encryption makes me and my family use Signal
  • Android Messages - because I don't want my photos to be sent to random contacts and then only face denial from the software developers that there are any issues.
  • I use Persona 5 IM. Love the look of that app!
  • Samsung Messenger because it works with game mode, themes, and my Gear S3.
  • I prefer Android messages but i use Samsung because I've had two separate instances(left and then came back months later) where i was not receiving multiple text with Android messages. Never an issue with Samsung. But i hate not having gboard gif support.
  • One question, there's a specific numbers of characters to use with Samsung SMS. With Android Messages there's too an specific number of characters or you can just write and write all way long?
  • I preferred the Samsung SMS app, it seemed to deliver all of my texts, and was the only app to have full compatibility with my gear S2 Smartwatch. However, I had to quit using Samsung SMS, and my Gear for texting, when I bought a newer car that came with Android Auto. Samsung SMS does not get delivered there. At that point, I switched to Mood SMS.
  • Samsung! One main reason... DARK THEME.
  • well, Android Messages has dark theme now!
  • I prefer Android Messages because it shows profile pictures for contacts that don't have a phone number. In Google Contacts I entered "names" of companies who text me in the phone number section (for instance "Barclays Bank") because some companies send text messages with just a name and no phone numbers. But I still want the profile picture to appear. That doesn't work on Samsung Messages app.