Do you prefer OxygenOS or Pixel software?

Pixel 3a XL and OnePlus 7 Pro
Pixel 3a XL and OnePlus 7 Pro (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

The open-source nature of Android is a pretty cool thing. In addition to users being able to customize and tweak how their phone looks, companies that make your phone are also able to create special interfaces and features that only their phones offer. This is why we have things like One UI, OxygenOS, etc.

One of these custom Android interfaces isn't necessarily better than all of the others, but there are certain ones that people tend to prefer. Recently, one AC forum member asked what the rest of our community thought about OxygenOS and how it compares to Google's software for its Pixel phones.

Here's how that conversation went down:

OOS is very close to stock Android with only a few addition that are very good. Performance is excellent and the phone runs smooth and fluid, you'd like OOS. Depending on the model you can get very good pictures, not so good as with the Pixel though. There are ports of the Gcam that can be used in all OP models and they improve quality in many situation. For example, my main camera in the...

Javier P

I've heard that Oxygen OS is very fluid, and wonderful to use. Feel free to check out the "Photos Taken With the OnePlus 8" forum - I've seen some beautiful pictures taken with the OnePlus 8. I think it'd be a great Pixel alternative. Plus, OP seems to get updates almost as quickly as the Pixel (from what I've heard), so there is another plus in the OnePlus column! Good luck, and let us...


Google will owe updates even if the Pixel phone hardware line is killed. Also - your Pixel 3XL won't stop working if the Pixel line is killed.


Oxygen OS is even better than stock Android imo, but the hardware it runs on has gotten very generic and unergonomic.


Now, we want to hear from you — Do you prefer OxygenOS or Pixel software?

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