Do you prefer LCD or OLED displays on smartphones?

When it comes to smartphone displays, the two most popular technologies are LCD and OLED/AMOLED. OLED panels have quickly become the norm for flagship phones thanks to their deeper blacks and rich contrast, but phones like the LG G7 are evidence that LCD screens can still stand on their own.

The G7 is one of the only flagship Android phones in 2018 that still relies on LCD, and some of our forum members recently got together to talk about whether or not they're glad LG used this screen technology for the phone.

Here's what they had to say.

I was really impressed by the screen. Even more impressed when I was able to clearly see the screen in direct Arizona sunlight. I've never seen another phone even come close to that. I have an OLED TV that I love but the G7s LCD screen speaks for itself and I'm happy with it. Best screen I've used, by far.


If they had LCD screens that had deep blacls like oled then I would instantly choose that. But till they do, I dont think lcd picture quality is as good.


Very much Yes. Apple, Sony, and LG all know how to make high-quality IPS LCD screens. I've never had an issue with my S5's screen but I've seen real bad burn-in issues on other Samsungs and tinted newer LGs like the V30.

experiment 626

my only issue with this screen is some white bleed through at the bottom of the phone.


Moving to a broader scale, we'd now like to hear from you — Do you prefer LCD or OLED displays on smartphones?

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Joe Maring

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  • OLED . . LCD just doesn't get dark enough for me in dark environments
  • I really don't mind.
    Very few screens go bright enough however.
  • I have only had a few devices over the years with an OLED panel. I do prefer the contrast and image pop of a oled but the clarity and color accuracy is better on lcd. Especialy those that lg produces. Since the lg g5 their lcd panels have had great blacks and a high contrast as well. We need a third screen tech to combine best of both worlds
  • I've heard that micro led- produced by Samsung and Apple - combines the deep blacks and good colors of oled and lcds and resolves the burn-in and other issues
  • I prefer Samsung's OLED, the absolute best I've ever encountered. Especially on their latest offerings!
  • I like LCD more, because it doesn't strain my eyes. The colors are more accurate than the exaggerated colors of the OLED.
  • Because having more accurate colors doesn't strain your eyes... lol Time to wake up and admit OLED is better then LCD....
  • Also, at least on Samsung devices, you can adjust the saturation. Currently on Amoled Photo. Much more subtle. It's the only OLED phone I've owned so I can't speak for others.
  • AMOLED. Don't care for the dramatic colour accuracy but prefer deep blacks and warm displays to reduce eye strain.
  • I preferred oled
  • LCD light bleed is the worst and I have not noticed any burn in on an OLED screen in many years. If you need to often use your phone in direct sunlight and don't otherwise care about contrast or light bleed get the G7 but I'm sticking with the OLED. I have a V30 and would buy this same phone again without question.
  • No brainer. OLED, of course!
  • I like oled
  • OLED. OLED. OLED. Say it with me... OLED.. sing it brotha’s!
  • I like a good OLED, but could go either way if the display is VERY good. I've been using the Note 8 side by side with the U11 extensively, and I know the 8 won awards for it's screen, but it just looks "soft" compared to the sharper display on the U11. You do get reduced contrast ratio if you look at the screen off-axis from a diagonal angle, BUT, you don't get the Samsung black crush or color banding.
  • Used Samsung for years. My friends use iPhones, LG and others. No other screen comes close to what Samsung produced with AMOLED. OLED's strengths far outweigh it's weaknesses.
  • Preference? There isn't much choice in Android. The Samsung Super AMOLED is the best, & it's why Apple buys displays from Samsung for the iPhone X. But... I do have a screen burn in problem that is noticeable with a while background. I don't recall if I had screen time out selected on my phone... The screen may have been left on too long... But a few lines from the game 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip are burned in. The burn in hasn't ruined my mobile experience. Like I wrote, three lines are only noticeable on an all white background. Burn in. Is not a concern with LCD.... But LCD isn't a nice.
  • Try turning the brightness down. I have a Galaxy S3 and a Note8, and the GS3 has absolutely no burn-in.
  • I had a Samsung phone once with a AMOLED. I found the supersaturated colors annoying. That was one of the reasons I returned it and got a LG phone with an LCD display.
  • AMOLED is nicer overall, and there is no problem with viewing it in landscape mode with polarized sunglasses, like there is with LCD screens. Burn in is a definite problem, though. If you have a phone with an AMOLED screen, it will have burn in issues at some point.
  • Scott,
    Only on store demo phones
  • This is fake news
  • My 2014 Moto X that has had screen burn in for two years would beg to differ on your assessment.
  • I have never had screen burn-in. I never turn the brightness up high enough for this to ever happen.
  • OLED all the way.
  • How is this a question? OLED is better in every way. Battery, blacks, dim at night.
  • LCD will not have a burn in problem. It is why the console displays in every vehicle are LCD.
  • I don't replace my phone as often as most of you, and I'm concerned about screen burn-in with OLED displays.
  • I've grown to prefer OLED displays as the colours look more vibrant, punchy and so much nicer than an LCD display not to mention more power efficient. And I love my screen on my Pixel 2 XL, it's still a very good display despite what the critics say.
  • Software updates recalibrated for lack of a better word, the Pixel 2 displays. By all accounts, the software worked. Pixel needs to charge about & 300 less to be competitive. The 2XL is still $1300 in Canada.
  • Dang you Canadians got a bum deal on the Pixel 2 XL, even I admit it's not worth that amount. I'm just glad I didn't pay it's original UK retail price. I paid £699 for mine which I think is what it's worth.
  • OLED way more efficient and can be better screen resolution etc. In my opinion OLED just looks better and more true to life.
  • If a screen gets bright enough with good viewing angles and color reproduction then I don't really care what technology it is using.
  • I like LCD vs AMOLED/OLED.
    I prefer color accuracy over saturation.
    On most Android phones you have no control over color unless you can root and run custom kernel.
  • OLED for the battery benefits. Every bit of juice helps.
  • Oled I believe is better in term of color saturation and brightness which gives more vivid videos and bets view in day light.
  • I prefer a top notch LCD panel (like LG's best ones) to OLED. Otherwise, OLED.
  • OLED all day every day.
  • LCD, but only because they don't suffer permanent burn-in. I fall asleep watching youtube all the time. OLED looks nicer though.
  • For those who say LCD can be beautiful and vibrant.... go stand in front of a Sony 4K TV in Best Buy. Specifically the XBR X900F. Then I dare you to say again LCD can't be beautiful again.
  • Burn in is a REAL issue and how come yall didn't mention the HTC U12 plus ? Anyways
  • Best lcd I've used so far : super lcd2 on the htc one x+ (deepest blacks yet on a lcd screen, viewing angles were the best, never seen anything like it on both lcd and oled ever since. It was as if images were painted on that display, still working device so i keep comparing it. The htc 10 didn't even come close) But i prefer oled on my current lg v30 : burn in? Yes, blue tint when shifting viewing angles? Yes But annoying cartoonish colors from Samsung? Hell no 99% Adobe rgb color spectrum? No but i only edit pictures for social media on my phone. Anything more serious would be a joke on a phone. Deep blacks that blend with the black contour on the glass around the screen which gives an impression of having no borders? Yesss Great brightness for outdoor use, even at the beach? Yes 6h minimum of screen on time per charge? F*** yes!!!