Dive into summer with a new wallpaper

Winter can be a cruel season, but if you ask a good Texan girl like me, there is no harsher season than summer. Triple digit heat and oppressive humidity, summer is a season that can kill far quicker, and in horrifying ways. As such, before we dive into these whimsical wallpapers, I'm going to remind everyone that it doesn't matter how short you'll be in the store or how shaded your parking space is, NEVER leave your kids or your pets in the car. It doesn't take long for temperatures in a car to get unbearable and for heat stroke to set in. If you're the forgetful type, set a reminder on your phone.

The sun, the sea, the beauty

Play a word association game with most folks, and when you say summer, they'll say BEACH! I don't blame them, there's definitely an appeal to cooling off on a hot day by going for a swim in the deep blue sea. The freedom of the water, the beauty of the beach, the spectacular views… I want to go slip on a bikini and dive into the water right now, but I'll settle for letting this sunflower-clad beauty take the dip instead.

Summer Rest by Redixx

Summer breeze

Summer breeze makes me feel fine…

This wallpaper just makes me wanna blast that song on repeat. The wind sweeping across the beach and playing at Aqua's hair, the palm trees swaying and the sea glistening with the glow of sunset… Everything about this wallpaper screams of summer, and I'm as ready as the water goddess to savor the sights, sounds, and tastes of the season.

Summer Vibes 4 by ojjustice{.cta .large}

April showers bring May flowers

Summer flowers may not get the same fawning and devotion as the blossoms of spring, but the flowers that litter the gardens and fields of summer adventures paint our world in riveting, radiant hues. These flowers are the bounty of nature's beauty and the fulfillment of the age-old rhyme: April showers bring May flowers...

Color refresh by Adopusina

Ain't no mountain high

The beach gets most of our adoration and attention in the summer, but the summer season is also a time for a lot of us to head to the mountains and forests to explore nature on a more solid surface. The mountains seem peaceful looking like this, as if there aren't wolves and bears and mountain lions lurking within them… Who's ready to climb a mountain?

Landscape Wallpaper by opreadorin1

Live in the sunshine

Summer brings a lot of opportunities to visit new locations and see new things, but some of the best aspects of summer can be savored right here at home. There is no summer treat I crave more frequently than an ice-cold popsicle after I come in out of the hellish Texas heat. This cute popsicle wallpaper doesn't give me that rush of cold sugar, but it's not gonna get my phone all sticky, either...

Live in the Sunshine by Sarah Hearts

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  • Sorry...that first image just seems a bit creepsterish to me.
  • Why? I think she looks cute. I wish I had the guts to pull off a striped bikini like that.
  • I'm guessing you don't watch anime. That's nothing really.
  • Some people have varied views on what constitutes a risqué photo. You and I see a young woman in a bikini that amply covers both breasts and her rear, but others might see a half-naked minor. It's relative. There's nothing that would need to be censored in the image, but that doesn't mean it might not make someone uncomfortable.
  • Oh I agree. Just saying, as far as anime/manga goes, that's tame. The Berserk manga. That makes me feel uneasy at times.
  • A good Texan girl should be at home looking after her family! Not idling her time away by writing filler articles for second rate blogs
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  • Great job with the article. I disagree with the negative comments. Keep up great work.
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