Did you buy a Moto G phone in 2020?

Moto G Power 2020 Hands On
Moto G Power 2020 Hands On (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

In the world of budget Android phones, we often praise Motorola's Moto G series as being one of the best Android phones out there for quality handsets at low prices. In 2020, we saw the release of the Moto G Stylus, Moto G Power, and Moto G Fast (along with plenty more outside of the U.S.).

Moto G phones certainly have their problems, but if you're looking to spend no more than $200 - $300 on your next Android, they continually stand out as market leaders.

A few of our AC forum members recently started talking about their Moto G ownership, saying:

Looks like a quiet forum, which should be good. Just got one and like it so far.


Same here bought one yesterday, made a few tweaks as I couldn't handle the gesture gap on the bottom of the screen. I really like this phone , just a few gripes , no dual or parallel app support natively and also the earpiece device volume is lower than any other device I've ever owned. Battery life is out of this world. Loses about 1% drain overnight during a 8 hour period. Have many apps...


Great phone. I came from the Moto G7 Power.


This got us to wondering — Did you buy a Moto G phone in 2020?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Bought a Moto Stylus for my wife over the Summer and liked it so much, I ordered one for myself a few weeks ago. It's a good phone!
  • Nope. I usually get the G series for my mum, she needed a new phone this year but I got her a Pixel 4a instead. Motorola's update strategy is pathetic for 2020.
  • I got the Moto g stylus and it was a hell of a deal at $179 .
    phones of this price last year were limited to 13 megapixel dual cameras 3 gigs of RAM at most and 32 GB of storage and processors in qualcomm's low 400 range. Now I'm getting a 48 megapixel triple camera setup 4 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage and Qualcomm 600 range of processors. Plus they threw in stereo speakers and a stylus. You don't need to break the bank to get a decent phone nowadays.
  • I just bought the Power for my mom for Christmas. Her current phone won't hold a charge anymore, even after changing batteries.
  • Yep, bought a g8 plus in January of this year but due to a fall have now bought a g9 plus, both great phones with no UI probs at all. Even the wife and daughter are using g8 power lite each. For the money I reckon you can't beat them.
  • I bought a Moto G Power. The battery life was amazing but the sluggish performance and awful camera forced me to return it. I now have a Pixel 4a. Battery life leaves much to be desired but the camera is phenomenal compared to the Moto G Power I had... Which is critical because I like to take pics of my kids! The shutter speed on the Moto was so slow every picture I took was a blurry mess. If I didn't want better pictures I would have totally kept the Moto G Power.
  • I purchased the Moto G Stylus at launch and have been very happy with it. It's a great phone for the price. The only issue I have is that the wifi disconnects occasionally while in a strong wifi area. My first Moto was the G6 that I picked up in a pinch when my other phone died. I had a good experience with Moto so I stuck with them when the Stylus came out. I have had premium phones before and understand that certain features aren't offered at this lower price range. The only thing I'd like is wireless charging, but I've gotten along fine without it since the phone charges quickly with the charge cable. I'd buy another Moto in the future.
  • I've bought 3 Moto G phones: I started with a G6 2 years ago, bought my wife a G7 last year, then when I dropped the G6 this year and cracked it, I bought a G(8) Power. The G6 processor was a tad slow, and I had much lag in the interface. Battery life was decent to average. Still enough to last through a day though. The G8 Power solved all that. It's fast, and the battery feels like it will last for days. The only thing I would beg Motorola to add would be NFC communication.