Alongside the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Google released a new accessory called the "Pixel Stand." Essentially a wireless charger built specifically for the Pixel 3 phones, the Pixel Stand delivers fast charging speeds and sort of turns the Pixel 3 into a mini Smart Display with the Google Assistant always listening for your questions/commands.

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It's a solid gadget that works really well, but did people actually cough up the $79 Google's asking for it?

Taking a look at the AC forums, it would appear so.


I bought two of them. To me they're worth every penny. :cool:


Got mine when I ordered the phone, full retail price. In the grand scheme of things Ill have it for any future phones, so I will get my money out of it. Would I liked to have gotten it cheaper, of course, but I use it every night and the "good morning" assistant features every day.


I bought my Pixel Stand used on craigslist for $50. I just couldn't get myself to pull the trigger at $79 and I got tired of waiting for them to go on sale again. Not sure it's worth it at $50 either actually, but it does the job.


Got one from the pre order promotional and also bought one at Best buy when they were going for $49.99. I absolutely love the thing! Gotta love that "Rapidly Charging".


How about you? Did you buy the Pixel Stand for your Pixel 3?

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