Galaxy Watch 3 on AC's Joe MaringSource: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

This past August was a big month for Samsung. In addition to ushering in its new Galaxy Note 20 series, the company also launched a heap of other gadgets — one of which being the Galaxy Watch 3.

The Galaxy Watch 3 isn't a drastic revolution compared to past smartwatches from Samsung, but it does offer the most refined and feature-rich experience yet. It has a stunning design, the rotating bezel is a joy to use, and Samsung's Tizen software continues to pack a serious punch.

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Looking through our AC forums, a few of our members shared that they've already picked up the Watch 3 for themselves.


Have gone between the Galaxy watch 3 the original Galaxy watch and the active 2 the Galaxy watch 3 is awesome


I am going on 5 days with mine and so far it's much better than the active 2 was.


Great to hear! Thinking of getting it. Looks like so far the reception has been positive.


This got us to wondering — Did you buy the Galaxy Watch 3?

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