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Did you buy the Galaxy Watch 3?

Galaxy Watch 3 on AC's Joe Maring
Galaxy Watch 3 on AC's Joe Maring (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

This past August was a big month for Samsung. In addition to ushering in its new Galaxy Note 20 series, the company also launched a heap of other gadgets — one of which being the Galaxy Watch 3.

The Galaxy Watch 3 isn't a drastic revolution compared to past smartwatches from Samsung, but it does offer the most refined and feature-rich experience yet. It has a stunning design, the rotating bezel is a joy to use, and Samsung's Tizen software continues to pack a serious punch.

Looking through our AC forums, a few of our members shared that they've already picked up the Watch 3 for themselves.

Have gone between the Galaxy watch 3 the original Galaxy watch and the active 2 the Galaxy watch 3 is awesome


I am going on 5 days with mine and so far it's much better than the active 2 was.


Great to hear! Thinking of getting it. Looks like so far the reception has been positive.


This got us to wondering — Did you buy the Galaxy Watch 3?

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  • Have had mine for a couple weeks and like much more than my series 5 apple watch. It also has ECG, blood pressure, oximeter, stress test, sleep tracking, etc. Very powerful watch with great battery
  • I got the Galaxy Watch 3 about three weeks ago. And coming from the original Galaxy Watch I've had since last year, it's a very good upgrade in every way except the battery. The Galaxy Watch normally got me 3-4 days between charges. The new one gets me a lick over 2 days, sometimes less. The sleep tracking is very accurate, I like the blood oxygen readings and I'm just waiting for the ECG functionality to be available. Overall, a very good package.
  • Still have, use and love my Gear S2 ..
    I'm likely not going to rush to replace it until the battery becomes an issue for my use. Since I don't use it for much more than triaging SMS and eMail when I'm on the go, it serves my needs yet.
    When the time does come, I'll definitely be going with another Samsung branded smart watch.
  • Have it and love it.
  • Have it and it is great.
  • Nope. Maybe I'm stubborn but not giving up MST from my Gear S3