Demon's Souls on PS5 guide: Beginner's tips and tricks you need to know

Demons Souls Ps5 Maiden In Black
Demons Souls Ps5 Maiden In Black (Image credit: Android Central)

Demon's Souls for the PS5 is now available and it's one of the best PS5 launch games around. With so many players trying it out for the first time, we've put together a helpful list of tips and tricks if you've jumped in with no knowledge of the game.

We're not going to go too far in-depth here or spoil big surprises and bosses. This is simply meant as a primer guide to get you started if you've never played Demon's Souls before, or even a similar title like Dark Souls.

Demon's Souls tips and tricks How to level up

One of the most important ways of improving your character is through leveling up. After acquiring some souls you can improve a particular attribute. You can't just do it immediately once you've started though.

  1. First, you need to complete the Tutorial. One way or another, this will end in your death.
  2. You'll find yourself in The Nexus.
  3. From here, you need to progress until you beat The Phalanx boss.
  4. You'll return to The Nexus, speaking with The Monumental who will explain more of the story.

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)
  1. Finally, talk to the Maiden in Black.
  2. When she asks if you require Soul power, answer Yes.

You can now level up freely. Bear in mind that the number of souls needed level up will increase each time you do increase an attribute, so try to pick carefully.

Demon's Souls tips and tricks How to improve equipment with blacksmiths

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Improving your gear at one of the two blacksmiths is another great way to increase your combat prowess. Different weapons and shields will require different materials. The rarest and special weapons, forged with souls from bosses, even require difficult-to-find Primeval Demon's souls.

Early on, you'll want to enlist the services of Blacksmith Boldwin in The Nexus. He can improve basic equipment and any damaged weapons or armor, which you'll want to do semi-regularly to keep your stuff from breaking at an inopportune time.

Demon's Souls tips and tricks How to use magic

Magic and Miracles in Demon's Souls are, despite the names, extraordinarily similar. They both draw on your MP, or Mana Points, which is increased through the Intelligence Attribute. You also unlock the best, most useful of both by acquiring powerful demon's souls from bosses. There are two differences: Magic spells must be cast with a Catalyst and are increased in power through the Magic Attribute, while Miracles are cast with a Talisman and have their power increased through the Faith Attribute.

The Priest and Temple Knight classes start with a Talisman, while the Royalty class starts with a catalyst. If you didn't start as one of these classes, you can find a Talisman in the Shrine of Storms. You can find a catalyst in the Tower of Latria.

Source: AndroId Central and Android Central

Early on, you'll have access to basic teachers of Miracles and Magic in The Nexus on the left and right sides of the bottom floor. For advanced abilities, you'll have to find and rescue Saint Urbain, Sage Freke, and Yuria the Witch.

Demon's Souls tips and tricks How to summon

Summoning players for online co-op requires a Blue Eye Stone and you'll need to be in Soul Form. We have a dedicated guide on how to play online with additional details.

Demon's Souls tips and tricks How to invade

The dark duality of summoning or being summoned for some jolly cooperation as a Blue Phantom is choosing to invade the realm of another player to attack them as a Black Phantom. To invade, you'll need to be in Soul Form. Next, you'll need the Black Eye Stone. This object does not have a set location; you'll receive it after killing your first Black Phantom, whether it's an online invader or a special NPC.

If you're going to invade players, just be aware: Something strange may happen when you try it in the third Archstone, the Tower of Latria. Even those who choose to harass other players may still be pawns to the forces at work.

Demon's Souls tips and tricks How to use emotes and write messages

Emotes and messages are accessed by pressing the right side of your DualSense touchpad. From there, you can select Gestures and then choose the particular action striking your mood. You can also choose Messages and leave a message of encouragement, a helpful hint, a woeful betiding, or a good-natured joke.

Demon's Souls tips and tricks How to vault

At certain points throughout the game, you'll be able to vault over objects and obstacles by moving the left thumbstick forward and simultaneously holding down Circle on your DualSense controller. Unfortunately, vaulting is extremely inconsistent. You won't actually know if you can vault a low wall or up onto a platform until you try, so be careful if you're in a position where it would be easy to fall.

Boletaria is reborn

In our review, we stated that Demon's Souls is an excellent remake and one of the main reasons to grab a PS5 right now. Whether you're a veteran looking to rekindle your experience with the game or a newcomer trying to see what all the fuss is about, you won't regret diving into this.

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