Dell officially exits the smartphone market

Although one could argue Dell never really was in the smartphone market, they did make several attempts to gain traction both on Android and Windows Phone. The Dell Streak and Venue Pro Windows Phone lines turned out to be pretty lackluster overall. Despite that fact, up until March Dell was still selling the devices on their web site but they've now finally disappeared.

Jeff Clarke, Dell's head of consumer business, confirmed Dell's lack of future smartphone intents at the recent Dell World conference stating "It needs a lot of investments to really be successful". For now, Dell will concentrate their efforts on PC's running Microsoft's Windows 8 and tablet computers based on Windows RT.

In speaking further of their Android ventures, Clarke noted “It’s a content play with Android. Amazon is selling books and Google is making it up with search. So far we couldn’t find a way to build a business on Android,” Android isn't being ignored though as Clarke also mentioned “It doesn’t mean we’re not looking at Android. You should come and see what’s in our labs.”

Source: Forbes via: PhoneScoop

  • The Dell Streak was a device before it's time I suppose.
  • Probably because it read as if its name was the Dell Steak. (I don't know why, but it did for me.)
  • I agree.
  • +9000
  • Still have my old Dell Axim V51 WM PDA from back in the day. It was a great pda for its time and Dell then was considered a leader in the PDA market. Its astonishing how Dell, HP, Palm etc fumbled their leads and advantages in that market and never were able to leverage that into any success in the smartphone industry.
  • I had an Axim V50. It was cutting edge. Marketing ain't easy.
  • I would love to see what's in their labs but I'm guessing there aren't any invites.
  • It's funny, that phone was too big, now two of the best selling phones are .3" smaller and .5" bigger.
  • dell is full of it. they gave up without putting in any effort.
  • Should the headline not read "Dell claim they were once in the Smart Phone market." ??
  • Thanks for sketching out your weak Phablet ideas for Samsung to run with. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Sent from my Galaxy Note II
  • Amen Brutha, great ideas are best recycled! Sent from Galaxy Note (by a former Palm T|X and Dell Axim v51 user)
  • "....Dell will concentrate their efforts on PC's running Microsoft's Windows 8 and tablet computers based on Windows RT...." So in other words, they'll be filing for insolvency in the coming years cuz....
  • Dell, was in the smartphone game?
  • Actually I remember the Venue Pro as being one of the better early WP7 was the Android-powered Venue that was lackluster.
  • So is there room only for Samsung to do the android hardware business? Looks like HTC isn't doing so well, motorola is owned by google so doesn't really count, and LG is trying to catch up.
  • I was just going to post this. The S3, and Note2 are the Streak or(Dell mini 5) younger sibling haha.
  • And people wonder why I think Dell will be out of business in less than 5 years. This is why. They can't turn one of the easiest money spots into cash. Apple, Samsung, and others are making devices that literally generate more profit than they cost to make them for. And yet, Dell (and HP) can't make one that sells anything. If they had half a brain, they would just flat rip off Samsung and pay the costs later. (Dell XPS 5S) The Streak wasn't innovative and for being "before its time", it was also there before the technology merited being there. They tried to force their way into a segment where they clearly didn't understand it.
  • Exiting? Dell was barely ever in the smartphone market!
  • Thanks. I'm coming to see your labs and it's contents next Thursday.
  • Maybe if they release the Dell Streak a few years later like now with jelly bean.. it probly would be a great device..
  • I wasn't aware they entered the market.