CyanogenMod team seeks donations to support hardware requirements

The CyanogenMod team is seeking donations from the community to help bolster the hardware needed to keep things going. There are some 56 devices supported on CM's official listing, and nightly builds and official releases take some serious hardware to crank out. And that costs money. Writes CyanogenMod:

We need to purchase new hardware to take on this task. A couple of solid, stable Xeon-class servers with large amounts of RAM and fast disks. Virtual private servers won’t cut it for build machines.CyanogenMod is not a for-profit business. We are just a bunch of geeks, trying to make our phones more awesome. The donations we get currently cover our operating costs and occasionally go towards developer devices. This time, I need to ask for help from the community for something a bit larger. We need to purchase these servers in order to bring the build infrastructure back to full capacity.

As such, there's now a PayPal widget at the bottom of the CM site that allows you to donate as much or as little as you want.

Update: And the CM team has hit its goal.

Source: CyanogenMod

  • This is going to sound rude, but honestly it's just due to my ignorance about what goes on. What are they doing any differently than other ROM dev's that they need this extra hardware? Also, might make others who, like me, aren't the most technical on this site that are on the fence about donating.
  • I think it's because of the popularity of their ROMs, and the sheer amount of phones they support.
  • The biggest difference is scale. The CM team compiles nightly builds for a TON of devices and that can't be done on a personal computer like many of the independent devs. It needs big build servers. The more cores and the more RAM the better. EDIT: If you think there are 56 devices, many with nightly builds. Each of those needs to be recompiled before a nightly can be released. On my laptop it takes about 3 hrs for me to compile 1 AOSP ROM for my Galaxy Nexus. Bigger better hardware makes that happen faster. Additionally, the entire CM operation is pretty big. There are a ton of devs working on it and again, the size requires additional resources. As a developer myself (not Android, Microsoft) I know that there is nothing more frustrating than being limited by the hardware you are working on. That shouldn't ever be the bottle neck. Lastly, these guys do a ton for the Android community as a whole. Even if you don't use their official ROM the chances are you have bits of their code in the ROMs you do use. EDIT: And I'm sure the OEMs are pulling their stuff down too for their devices. They probably don't include CM code but I'm sure their devs are looking at it. So even if you don't use a custom ROM, CM has some impact. I can't recall any time in the past where they have reached out and asked for donations. So they'll get a bit from me.
  • I think one of the most important things you wrote is this: "Even if you don't use their official ROM the chances are you have bits of their code in the ROMs you do use." It's a good reminder about how the community works together as a whole and I am on my way to donate.
  • Imagine you are in a big warehouse. Now imagine you have a product which we will call NIGHTLY ROM in those shelves and every shelf stands for another phone. Well, imagine how much time it costs to walk to every shelf and then to the checkout. With the sheer amount of different shelves and the orders you get it's impossible to go from the shelf to the checkout and get your work done on one business day, so you would have to postpone your orders to the next day and if you still can't keep up with the amount of orders, you have to postpone them again to the next day, but your company said they're gonna deliver every day and not postpone your delivery for about 4 or maybe 5 days. Now, instead of walking, you could upgrade to a gadget for transportation, for example a kickboard or a segway, so you would be able to move faster, not get tired and get all orders done in one day. Those 'large compute clusters' they are talking about can be seen as a jetpack on inline skates, but now they are back to walking. The donations will help them to get back to the scale where they can deliver daily again or maybe every two days but still better then possibly waiting 4 or 5 days for your delivery :) --- And to take a break on the metaphoric speech, if you imagine that you possibly use Cyanogenmod already for months because you couldn't stand TouchWiz, Sense UI, (Notanymore)Motoblur, LGBla, I think a little donation isn't a wrong way to say thank you :)
  • Where as I dont use CM too much, nearly every Rom I have ran on my DX and now GNEX has credit given by devs to Cyanogen.. just check the credits next time you look. I'll donate
  • Used their awesome code in both, my HD2 and Samsung Galaxy S. Now even with stock touchpiss on my Galaxy Note, you can see their influence there + they're on their way to releasing the ICS version. It's almost wrong not to donate. I donated 30 bucks =)
  • It's amusing comment by orlanka. If u don't know how much cost and for how many devices please keep your hand from writing a comment or drop a penny can help it.
  • Yes, because God forbid someone wanting to be informed about something they're contributing to. smh
    It was a perfectly legitimate question that i'm sure others wanted to know as well.
    Thanks to everyone who posted a comment detailing why its good for everyone who can contribute to do so.
  • Wish I had the extra funds to donate :( cm7 for the inspire is amazing many next pay check ill be able to donate I wish I was a spoiled kid with no bills idea. Build them a freaking server and ship it to them but I work fast food pay check to pay check fml
  • Some serversbcan easilly be what 2 grand with a 800 dollar case 500 power supply 200 for an os 300 for processors up to 800 for ddr3 4 channel 16 gigs of ram and a few terribyte sees or hard drives either way they cost between 400 to what 1000 depending on how many you get yea servers can sotbsome serious cash I mean to buy one from HP pre made their what 4 blades and 2 grand???