CyanogenMod Froyo ROMs hit RC for Nexus One, Dream, Magic (updated)

For those of you patiently (or not so much) waiting for Cyanogen and Team Douche to release a semi-official Android 2.2 ROM, it's time to get flashing. CyanogenMod-6.0.0 RC1 was posted up early this morning, with builds for the Nexus One, Dream and Magic, which should cover a good many of us. You can snag the new builds in the usual places, including the CM Nexus One and D/M forums, XDA Developers (N1, D/M) and our favorite, ROM Manager.

For the noobs out there, the CyanogenMod series of ROMs are custom built from the official Android Open Source Project files by trained professionals (professional somethings, anyway), tested and released to the masses. (Check out the full changelog here.) We swear by 'em, and you should, too. [Cyanogen]

Update: A new CM Droid ROM is now in ROM Manager and the other usual places. Huzzah!

Phil Nickinson