CyanogenMod 7 freshly ported to the Motorola Droid X

It's something Motorola Droid X owners have been teased with before. But this time around, it could turn out quite well. Although it remains unreleased as of now, it looks like Motorola Droid X owners may soon be getting a chance to load up CyanogenMod 7 on their devices courtesy of @cvpcs. No, the bootloader hasn't been unlocked but thanks to some handy work making use of 2nd.init CyanogenMod 7 will now run on top of the Motorola kernels in the Droid X.

As with anything of this nature, some bugs are still present but it's surely only a matter of time before they get worked out. Some of the things that may or may not work currently are: GPS, 3G/data, camera, camcorder and bluetooth audio while radio, WiFi, USB, charging, sensors, lights, vibration, standard bluetooth are listed as working. The next few days will provide some more details but until then, jump into the Android Central forums to discuss it some more.

Source: Android Central Forums

  • Cool!
  • Still no Epic 4G? I mean they have the Nexus S 4G which is very similar, but no Epic 4G or Fascinate? (I know someone is porting it, but why no official support?
  • I still don't understand the locked bootloader. Are their devices that popular and selling that much that they don't need to? I LOVE my htc because of how customizable it is with kernels and roms. If I break it, it's on me and I know that going in, so what is Moto's issue? Is it pride that people want to change from their crappy UI in Blur? Makes no sense. Other than bricking your device, what is the downside to an unlocked bootloader.....from the manufacture's perspective?
  • I'm more then happy with my X. Im rooted ooverclocked themed and romed. don't need much more then that. and its not MOTO its carriers requesting the lock out. and I don't use blur I use a launcher doesn't matter what brand phone I have they all suck.
  • That is so far from the truth... The completely unlocked carrier free Milestone (international OG droid) was ridiculously locked down too. Same with the international version of the droid X. It's motorola, not just the carriers.
  • Exactly, if it was the carriers reason, then why are HTC, LG, and Samsung allowed to be unlocked? Moto sucks, and I will never own one.
  • This is great news. Now if people would just learn how to use a video camera.
  • Dr. Ray Stantz from Ghostbusters: Everybody can relax, I found a new car. Needs some suspension work and shocks. Brakes, brake pads lining, steering box, transmission, rear-end.
    Dr. Peter Venkman: How much?
    Dr. Stantz: Only $4800. Also new rings, mufflers, a little wiring...
  • Android Central: always late to the party.
  • What do you mean late to the party? They posted this story one day after the dev posted the video
  • Sweet looking forward to all the bugs being worked out. So sick of blur
  • don't like blur root your phone put a custom Rom it on or use a custom launcher. very simple.
  • LOL @ some of the missing features. They are all kind of important for everyday use. I know it will get worked out it's just funny.
  • I was thinking the same thing. Like...ok, so really CM7 isn't working on the Droid X. Hahaha.
  • Droid X, Now ruining cm7... everything works except by everything I mean nothing.
  • Since we now have the DroidX getting cm7, does this mean that there is a possibility that my Droid2 will get it as well???? PLEASE, say it is possible coming soon!
  • Who cares honestly cm7? missing half the corp functions. I will stick with liberty. V.08 is running awesome and my gps works ;). Lol really though they are way behind on the X while jrummy is rocking it. They do great things but I will go with liberty for the win.
  • Notice when as soon as somebody post on Android Central or any other Android forum that when a specific phone received a new update or new hack or new mod somebody else will always immediately whine in the comment section about how their phone model needs the update too. Go ahead, check just Android Central website. You will find this very prevalent. Really? Go to your model specific forum and whine about how you are being left out there. On a Droid X update post nobody cares if your Epic 4G hasn't gotten the update yet or wants to read about why the Droid X doesn't deserve it yet but the Epic or Fascinate or whatever does.