Cyanogen Mod 7 Alpha build now available for Nexus S owners

If you're the proud owner of a Samsung Nexus S and disappointed about the lack of Cyanogen Mod ROMs available for your device the above news should interest you greatly. As announced on Twitter, Cyanogen Mod 7 is now available for download via ROM Manager. Given that it is an Alpha build you'll want to proceed cautiously as some things may work, some things may not and other may break while using them But, that's part of the fun and why it got labeled Alpha.

Consider yourself warned, advised or what have you. We're still digging through it all but be sure to post some comments if you're testing it out as well.

  • FIRST POST!!!!!!! Does it have WIMAX? ;)
  • really, please try to learn about stuff before you post crap like that. The nexus s isn't even on sprint so why would you ask that. it has hspda.
  • It's an inside joke regarding WIMAX development for Cyanogenmod ROMS, more specifically for the EVO. Thanks for letting us know that you are a genius because you knew it has hspda. You are so smart.
  • EVO joke on a Nexus S topic: some may not get it. Personally I got it, but instead of finding it funny I thought you were lost. :p
  • LMAO true, I have to agree.
  • all right boys, break it up. Move along. Nothing to see here...
  • Yelling FIRST is about as played out as me telling you FAIL.
  • Whatever dude
  • I think he was being sarcastic.
  • If he is the same HondaCop that is on XDA than yes he is being sarcastic. Does it have Sense? =/
  • LOL Yes I am, bro. =) BTW, the sense reference really got a chuckle out of me. ahahaha
  • wow he's from XDA and yet he's here yelling "FIRST POST!!!!!" like an overexcited school girl? the way he acts, you'd swear he's never posted first on a website before.
  • all right boys, break it up. Move along. Nothing to see here...
  • lol... and the same HondaCop on Precentral. Anyway, not a fan of Cyanogenmod anymore. Going AOSP was too messy for me. It was great but battery life was meh. Went to Myn's Sense Rom as it is downright sexy. Infact, it looks like Google copied Myn's dark theme for Gingerbread.
  • So does it have wimax or not?!
  • Now just waiting for an official Cyanogen 2.3 ROM for the N1.
  • How quickly people forget. The EVO has had an alpha build for almost a week. Is this site partial?
  • Have they fixed the CWM Recovery issue yet? I am not flashing something that cannot be undone.
  • What issue? I'm curious now.
  • As of right now, if you flash ClockworkMod Recovery, apparently you can't reflash stock using fastboot. There's a simple workaround though; reflash the 2.3.1 OTA. It resets the recovery back to stock.
  • I'm waiting for Cyanogenmod 7 to be "officially" released in RC1 for the HTC G2 via Rom Manager. Hopefully soon..looking at XDA forums for it, its still got a ways to go it seems.. :(
  • Will this work on my X?