Cricket now allows talk, text, and data in Mexico for certain customers

Cricket Wireless store
Cricket Wireless store (Image credit: Android Central)

Cricket Wireless, the popular MVNO powered by AT&T's network, is getting a big upgrade for customers that travel to Mexico.

Starting today, anyone that's on a $50/month or more expensive plan has access to unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico at no extra cost.

Commenting on the announcement, Cricket's Chief Marketing Officer Tiffany Baehman said:

This is a big move in the right direction for our customers. Unlike MetroPCS who cuts customer calls in Mexico once they've reached a certain limit, Cricket customers will now be able to stay in touch with family, friends, co-workers and others while in Mexico without these calling boundaries.

For reference, Cricket's $50/month Unlimited plan (with AutoPay turned on) gives you unlimited everything with data speeds capped at 3Mbps and video streaming limited to 480p. If you step up to Unlimited Max ($55/month with AutoPay) you get "high-speed data" and can stream videos in HD resolution.

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