Could this be the Froyo (Android 2.2) version of HTC Sense?

With 160,000 activations a day, there's a huge number of people waiting for the HTC Sense UI version of Froyo to show up.  I know all of us here sure are. Usually, we have to pass on the random screenshot tip that rolls in, but in this case they are worth talking about.  To be sure -- we can in no way verify that these are real, as anyone with a rudimentary set of Android ROM cooking skills and a copy of Photoshop could pull them off.  On the other hand, a Froyo version of Sense UI should be in testing somewhere, and it would look pretty much like this (watermarks and all) if it were to show itself. 

With all that out of the way, if anyone out there in the 'tubes needs a hand testing, or removing watermarks from a legit Sense 2.2 leak, just sing out.  I'm sure we can find you some help :)  Hit the break to see one more screenshot of the camera application showing off 720p resolution. Thanks Dan!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I hope we get the option to turn sense off and the ability to modify the default scenes.
  • u can disable Sense and use the default launcher.
  • You can't on the Incredible unfortunately. Ive replaced the launcher with ADW and I'm loving it.
  • actually after the latest update for the Evo you can no longer turn off sense and use the stock launcher unfortunately
  • Sense is a lot more than just the Home launcher. It's also the dialer, calendar, messengers, and people applications. You can't truly disable Sense without changing all of those.
  • Don't buy a phone With sense.... I'm not trying to be mean but htc is putting a lot of effort in sense and I doubt they will give a blatant option to just turn it off.
  • What language is that?
  • Italian, check the email address on the first cap.
  • Is Italian
  • omg omg omg omg omg omg.. please soon?
  • Hope to see this soon.
  • So I'm wondering... is this the update for the Incredible since the OTA is suppose to bring 720p video???
  • Yes! I hope this is the real deal!
  • Somehow think you guys stateside will have to wait a bit longer to get your official Froyo Sense UI.....if I'm not mistaken the first phones released with 2.1 version of Sense UI were the Desire and Legend over here in Europe. Probably the same way it's gonna go with these updates.
  • That does seem somewhat logical, though I think we have learned enough in the past to not fully accept logic as fact in the smart-phone industry. With Google, carriers, and manufacturers all in the mix, plus the devices being based out of separate countries entirely, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see a more "random" means of releasing the 2.2 OTA's to all the different devices receiving it. As for us Incredible owners out there, I pray that it is soon, but am not holding my breath. I think Verizon holds up the show on these OTAs. I have no evidence of that, it's just a feeling I get. Something tells me they could help get it out there a bit sooner than they previously have, but sit around nit-picking. Don't get me wrong, I want to receive a fully working release, but it just seems that if the chefs out there can get a solid update out, the "professionals" and their entire teams with more tools to utilize, should be able to get a working-as-expected one out pretty quickly... But I am just a lowly consumer, ignorant to the process. Either way, I want Froyo on my Incredible! And I wish Verizon would tell me where they are at in the whole 2.2 release process. The act like Apple when I ask them.
  • If history has any accuracy here, Verizon has a record of holding up updates in the interest of rigorous testing. Over on crackberry it was discussed very often, and those members who were close to the dev and release process for blackberry updates would attribute delays to heavy concurrent testing of multiple release candidates. They say they wanna ensure the best release so they can minimize support problems after the fact.
  • You have a point. I don't know why so many people don't like Sense. I absolutely love the interface. I just hope Froyo doesn't mess with the Sense UI too much.
  • It seems to me that since the Desire and Incredible are so similar they shouldn't have to do much work between the two.
  • Only real difference is the built in storage. And then having to wait for Verizon to give their stamp of approval.
  • IS it me or am I wrong doesnt the HTC EVO already have 720p video?
  • I just checked video settings for my EVO, and it does indeed include 720p video for firmware 2.1 update 1.
  • It's most likely coming out now to compete with the Droid X. Who knows why it didn't originally unless Sprint depended it, but if we get it now I'll enjoy it.
  • There are more sense phones than the Evo. IF this is real, it's probably on the Desire or Legend.
  • Yeah, let the Europeans have it first so they can beta test it for everyone else.
  • Wondering if the UI will get any cosmetic tweeks...Sense is getting a tad dated looking, IMO.
  • I bought my Evo because I like Sense. If I didn't like it I would have gotten a different Android phone. I can't wait for Froyo! Yay!
  • How could the sense get dated looking when you can change everything except for the bottom bar?
  • I think it only seems as though a lot of people don't like HTC Sense because they are the most vocal about it. Although everyone I know who owns a Droid Eris or Droid Incredible, myself included, absolutely love it. It's a very nice compliment to the Android OS.
  • yeah i say let those euros test it before they give it to the REAL phones. so it's ok anyways, i only beta test for underground devs. i am not too into beta testing for professionals
  • JUST GOT i was having breakfast this morning, picked up my N1 abt 9am i realized there was an alert on my screen...and there it was a tasty treat of FROZEN FROYO..weighing 44.5 mb. It took less than 10 mins to digest...while this was happening on the screen there was a lil white open box w/ an orange yellow like arrow coming out of it twds the lil green Android figurine. After that was done...then came the clash of colors as it was booting up...i love that view, kind of futuristic. After it was all done i played w/ the device a lil...i guess i already knew what to expect after reading abt the new features over n over since I/O. Well while we all enjoy this...i guess the vigil for GINGER BREAD commences....
  • How does that have anything to do about the article?