LG G4 leather

You almost can't have too much choice these days when it comes to your smartphone. And when it comes to the backside of the new LG G4, you've got a whole bunch of choices.

Leather? Or coated plastic. Black? Brown? Yellow? Blue? Red? Metallic? Ceramic? There's a whole lot going on here.

Some tough choices are going to have to be made. Or maybe not, since you're able to swap one back for another. Leather for metallic gray or ceramic white. Or even gold. Choice, in this case, is a good problem to have.

We're here to help you with that decision. As you've read in our hands-on with the G4, the leather is most impressive. We've only been able to handle the smooth brown version thus far, though, but we have taken a look at the other colors and textures. Here's a gander.

And then there are the more traditional covers. But we're not talking about drab plastic with a faux brushed metal look. Now we've got a plethora of patterned polygons that give the plastic (coated in either a metal-like finish or white ceramic) a very three-dimensional look and a little extra grip. The coatings don't get rid of the plastic feeling, but they do give it a little life. Here's a closer look.

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