BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer and BT Sport apps have Chromecast references buried within

While still unofficial, Google's Chromecast looks set to launch this coming week in the UK. Folks are rightfully excited and wondering which of our local apps might be updated with support for it. Android Central Forums member SmItH197 has been digging around inside the BT Sport application and found multiple Chromecast references within.

This follows a similar report from the folks at Android Police who've reported on some similar digging, this time within the BBC iPlayer application. As with the BT Sport app, there were references found that match with other applications that already have Cast support. Neither app has had support turned on yet, so if you've a U.S. import like I do we'll still have to wait. But if all goes according to what we've seen so far, we might be enjoying some local Chromecast action pretty soon.

Source: Android Central Forums, Android Police