Chromecast balks at super-long Wifi passwords

Here's an interesting one from yubeie in our Chromecast forums:

The Chromecast was successfully purchased and installed, but it wouldn't connect to the Wifi network. The culprit, it seems, was yubeie's 128-freakin'-character password. (A bit of which you can see here.) "Could not communicate with your Chromecast" was all the error message read.

That's ... quite the password. (Especially since WPA2 maxes out at 63 characters, but the point still stands here.) The good news is that changing it to something slightly less ridiculously robust seemed to do the trick.

So let that be a lesson to you, boys and girls. Chromecast doesn't like long-ass passwords.

Phil Nickinson
  • Doesn't like 5 ghz wifi either
  • ...and I thought my 33 character pass phrase was long.
  • Wow! I take security as seriously as the next guy, but 128 characters for a WiFi password is a bit obsessive.
  • As someone who uses the max length key that WPA supports ( 63 ASCII Chars ) I have to say uhh wtf? Unless the wifi box on chromecast uses something new I have never heard of... (source )
  • I could imagine his 128 character password has been truncated by everything and hence have worked, and then chromecast simply doesn't handle it as eloquently as everyone else and instead fails to connect.
  • Ha ha. Dork. Posted via Android Central App
  • ChromeCast didn't like my 16 letter password either. I had to change the password on all of my devices - it was annoying.
  • BE more impressed if the password was all random numbers and letters instead if a sentence. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ummm... How is what is shown a sentence, unless you read hex natively?
  • I've heard of 128 bit encryption...never 128 char encryption O.O Posted via Android Central App
  • someone is paranoid.
  • 128 character password is too long per spec. The bug you should be reporting is that the Chromecast will not support 64 character hexadecimal passwords per spec. I was using a 64 character hex password for YEARS until I purchased my Chromecast. I truncated one character, but it was a huge time sink to figure out the bug and to change all my devices. I feel I was the exception to the rule because most people don't use hex keys or know about the 64/63 character limitation of WPA/AES. Most use Ascii based passwords which is limited to 63 character per spec. And most people don't even bother with anything that long. I got my Chromecast two days after release and reported the bug that day to the Chromecast team.
  • Also, some routers, access points, and OS's/interfaces will truncate longer passwords. So the OP might have had a 128 character password, but his router truncated it along with his other devices. That could/would give him a false sense of what is allowed. The Chromecast obviously in his case would not truncate a password that is too long.
  • Yeah I was bummed when my Chromecast could not see my 5GHZ network. And... If you need a PW 128 long my god dude. Posted via Android Central App
  • This is easy to fix, and non issue really... What's annoying is need to have DHCP on, there are no static IP settings. Pain in the ass to reconfigure my router, but had to do it.
  • You can have both types of IP addresses, or at least I used to do that back a few years ago
  • First world problems Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.
  • I think "first world problems" is overstating the importance of this. I don't think I'd call it a problem, first world or otherwise. Although "first world matters of complete insignificance" doesn't have the same ring to it.
  • It's a WiFi password anything more than 8-10 characters is ridiculous and pointless
  • Whats the point in such a long password, just a 10 character password offers literally gazilions of results. infact just a 6 character password has the potential for 1500000000000+ results when you consider capitals and every character usable on a standard keyboard (I counted 107 different characters on my keyboard)
  • And the average hacker would take days to crack a password like that with just an average computer if not much longer
  • It is funny reading people complain a about the level of security an individual takes. It really amounts to someone saying you don't need a dead bolt on you door a regular lock. You don't need a security system if you have a deadbolt, you don't need a dog if you have a security system. The reality is some people may need that level of security. And based on Moore's law,the rising cost of bandwidth etc someday we all may need it. Someday stealing bandwidth may be as common as siphoning gas was during the 70s
  • 128 character pass phrase. :-\ Someone needs to get out more. Like, to Tiger Direct to set up a RADIUS server or something.... Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App
  • What security protocol is that massive password on? I've been looking for something that will hold my 70 Char password.