Chromecast to allow casting without being on same WiFi network

Google today introduced at Google I/O an impressive new feature coming to Chromecast in the future, where you'll be able to cast content without having to worry about being on the same WiFi network. It's all done through the cloud but allows you all the same functionality as if you were connected over WiFi.

The new technology can authenticate the users via the cellular connection to the cloud, or there'll be the possibility to use a PIN should this not be possible. This will be available to all Chromecast users and app developers later this year and looks to make using Chromecast a more social experience.

Away from the tech, we also heard a few facts and figures. There are now 6000 registered developers building 10,000 applications that hook into it. Chromecast is a top selling electrical product on Amazon in the UK, U.S., France, Japan and Canada and usage is up an impressive 40%.

Richard Devine