Play Baldur's Gate 3 for free on your Chromebook thanks to Google and NVIDIA

Cyberpunk in NVIDIA GeForce NOW on Acer Chromebook 516 GE
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What you need to know

  • Google and NVIDIA have announced they are giving away three months of GeForce Now to Chromebook owners. 
  • There really aren't any strings attached, as you'll simply need a Chromebook from 2017 or newer.
  • This deal is even available to those who already have a GeForce Now subscription.

While Google has made massive strides when it comes to improving the native game experience on Chromebooks, most people are still better off relying on cloud services. And if you've purchased a new Chromebook in the last six years, Google and NVIDIA are giving away a three-month "trial" for GeForce Now.

This arrives shortly after the launch of Baldur's Gate 3, which currently has a score of 96 on Metacritic, and has lived up to the hype. So basically, you can play one of the best AAA games of 2023 without actually owning a gaming PC.

Baldur's Gate promotion for GeForce Now Chromebook perk

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With this trial of GeForce Now, the majority of owners with the best Chromebooks will gain access to the Priority tier. But if you've purchased one of the best gaming Chromebooks, this trial will give you access to NVIDIA's GeForce Now Ultimate subscription.

There are a few differences between the Priority and Ultimate tiers besides the price. If you subscribe to Priority, you'll enjoy six-hour gaming sessions at resolutions up to 1080p at 60 FPS. 

With Ultimate, not only do you gain access to NVIDIA's RTX 4080 servers, but your gaming sessions extend to eight hours, and you can play games at 4K/120. In terms of cost savings, this promotion is essentially giving you $30 for free for a non-gaming Chromebook and $60 if you picked up something like the Chromebook 516 GE.

All you need to take advantage of this offer is to head over to the Chromebook Perks landing page. Then, click the Get perk button under the NVIDIA GeForce Now section. It'll provide you with a code that you'll take over to NVIDIA's website to redeem. You don't even need to enter a credit card if you haven't already signed up for GeForce Now. 

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