Chromebooks becoming more popular, shipments rise by 67 percent in Q2

Chromebooks are on the up, according to latest data from ABI Research. Shipments of laptops running Google's OS increased by 67 percent in Q2, and it's being projected that total shipments in 2014 will double that of 2013.

Not only are home users purchasing and enjoying new Chromebooks, but the education market is also looking into more affordable hardware. ABI's analyst Stephanie Van Vactor notes that consumers are seeking for cost effective products:

"Consumers are hungry for a product that is cost effective but also provides the versatility and functionality of a laptop. The growth of the Chromebook market demonstrates a niche that is gaining traction among consumers."

ABI Research also concluded in the report that the US remains the largest market for Chromebook sales, accounting for 78 percent of the Chromebook market in 2014. Analysts expect this to change with growth occurring in other important regions. It's interesting to see that Chromebooks have enjoyed a surge, given that the general notebook segment is witnessing a decline.

Have you purchased a Chromebook recently, or are you still on the fence?

Source: ABI Research

Rich Edmonds