Chrome is gaining security improvements, caching and better support for enterprise customers

Gmail (Image credit: Android Central)

Google has announced a number of changes that are making their way to Chrome that will bring a better overall experience to business users. Some of the features include enhanced security, better caching and 24x7 support. It is expected that Chrome's enterprise usage can surge from 43 percent to 65 percent in 2016, so the company wants to make sure it is ready for the additional users needs. Google details the additions as:

  • Security - Security is one of the founding principles of Chrome. Now, we've made the sandbox more secure by incorporating the broadest set of available protections. We've also introduced a new Security Panel in DevTools to make it easier for developers to troubleshoot issues with certificates and mixed content — meaning pages rendered with both HTTPS and HTTP elements — making it easier to develop and deploy secure Web applications. Finally, we've also made great progress in the fight against unwanted software, for instance, by warning users of a site's potential risks.
  • Caching - Companies rely on our automatic updates every six weeks to make the Chrome browser safer and faster over time. But for an organization with thousands of users and devices, trying to pull the latest Chrome update can strain the organization's infrastructure. The new DownloadPreference lets proxies already used by businesses cache updates automatically, so virtually all downloads come from the company proxy and not the Internet, saving time and bandwidth.
  • 24x7 Support - We recognize that for businesses that run on Chrome, it's important to have the peace of mind that comes with 24x7 support from Google. We've been providing this for Google Apps customers, and today we're expanding this to all customers — even those who aren't using Google Apps. This new offering is called Chrome for Work Assist, and includes 24x7 phone and email support, with deployment assistance from Google. Chrome for Work Assist is now available in the US and Canada, with more regions launching soon. Contact us to learn more or get started.

It's great to see security and support continue to be a focus from the company as it hopes to grow its enterprise user base.

Jared DiPane
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