Check out our favorite LGBTQ+ Twitch and Mixer streamers

Twitch Pride Month
Twitch Pride Month (Image credit: Twitch)

Pride Month is a little weird this year due to the pandemic. We can't go out and celebrate at parades and other events with each other, so we'll need to do what we can to celebrate indoors. Livestreaming is the perfect way to do so, and we've compiled a list of some of our favorite LGBTQ+ Twitch and Mixer streamers for you to enjoy as well.

This isn't an exhaustive list my any means, so we encourage you to view the LGBTQIA+ tag on Twitch yourselves to see who's currently streaming. There are a ton of streamers playing a variety of games or just chatting with their viewers.


Watch Mk11 Hours (They/Them Pronouns Please!) from SonicFox on

Dominique McLean, known by his alias SonicFox, has built up an impressive Twitch community and was named Esports Player of the Year at The Game Awards 2018. They are an openly gay, black, non-binary furry, and will often compete in tournaments in their fursuit. In 2020, they joined the Esports team Evil Geniuses as part of its fighting game roster. You can catch SonicFox streaming fighting games frequently on Twitch.

Meg Turney

Watch Murder Monday! from MegTurney on

Meg Turney has had quite the prolific career as an internet personality, cosplayer, model, and former SourceFed and Rooster Teeth host. She frequently streams Dead By Daylight on her Twitch channel and also has an active YouTube channel where she's discussed her bisexuality. You can support her cosplay endeavors and other projects through her Patreon.


Watch Event day! [EeveeA] from EeveeA_ on

EeveeA is a trans lesbian and full-time streamer. She tends to stream Overwatch, and boasts over 3900+ hours as Mercy across all of her accounts. You can catch her streaming on Twitch several times a week, and you'll find she tries to keep her chat free of political, religious, or dark topics. And as for her favorite eeveelution, she says she "honestly likes them all equally."


Watch Immortal Ranked No Tilt :) | Valorant Annie Dro from Annie on

Annie is a trans woman whose goal is to bring positive LGBTQ+ representation to Twitch. She mainly streams competitive games like Overwatch and, more recently, Valorant. Because current representation can contain "harmful conspiracies, caricatures, & false information produced by others with malicious intent," she wants to change the narrative. Annie even provides educational resources that health systems and schools often don't.


Moto is a Mixer partner who streams a variety of Xbox games and co-hosts the Geeks Respawn Podcast. Her streams and the community she has built is meant to be an LGBTQ+ safe space where all gamers are welcome. You can catch her streaming Tuesday through Saturday every week from around 10am to 4pm PT.


Watch Bathwater Beckie (Ma Rico later) | !help !social !wish !pobox from Nikatine on

Nikatine is a trans woman and member of Transmission Gaming on Twitch, a community of trans people who aim to bring positive depictions of trans people into the mainstream, because representation still has a long way to go. You'll find her streaming Grand Theft Auto V most days, but she's also played a bit of Alan Wake recently.


Watch welp from TeaLex on

TeaLex streams a variety of games on Twitch, from indies like The Binding of Isaac to AAA titles like Final Fantasy VII and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can tune into her streams most days around 5-6pm PT. The main thing she asks is that those who join her stream and chat aren't rude to one another, and she's not afraid to call out homophobic trolls.


Watch Re-doing... EVERYTHING 🏝️ Tokyo, JP 🌊 !actips !villagers from Toph on

Toph is an LGBTQ+ streamer who lives in Tokyo, Japan, so his streaming schedule tends to be early in the morning at 5am ET. If you miss a stream, you can always go back and view his past recordings, which are primarily Animal Crossing and Pokémon. Toph is a member of the Rainbow Arcade, a team of LGBTQ+ broadcasters dedicated to creating a safe, fun space for the community while raising awareness for it.


Watch 🌱🌈 🇬🇧 UK Multiplayer Mayhem, let's play some games together! | @TheGoldKarat on Socials from GoldKarat on

GoldKarat is an a LGBTQ+ variety streamer who goes live every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 12:30pm ET. He is part of the Meme Dream Stream Team, a group who strives to create and share "unique, creative content through graphic effects, meme effects, chat based sound effects, and through on-stream positive personalities."

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