HTC EVO 4G LTE promo video released, offers glimpse of possible 3D variant

We've already explained how the EVO 4G LTE just might be better then the HTC One X and by now, you've already checked out our complete coverage from Sprints event yesterday but have you seen the EVO 4G LTE promo video yet? If not, go ahead and click on play above to dig in.

In a separate video (see it after the break), eagle-eyed viewers might also notice a few frames of what seems to be a 3D version of the new EVO, sporting the trademark dual rear camera setup. See this screenshot to the left? Skip to 25 seconds in, and you'll see what certainly looks like a 3D variant of the EVO 4G LTE was on the table at one point. 3D was nowhere to be found on the phone we saw saw in New York City yesterday, though, which instead sported the same 720p  SuperLCD 2 panel as the One X.

Souce: The Verge

  • Gotta say, I am starting to like it a little more each time I see it. And apparently it can also transform into my OG EVO and my EVO 3D, so that's a big plus.
  • Ok so here's my take on this, The first phone shown was the "OG EVO", The last phone was the New "E4GLTE", but the second EVO (the one in question right now) is in fact the "EVO 3D" and not the 3D variant of the new one. It's like they were showing the "Evolution" of the "EVO", Clever right? (just skipping the EVO Shift & EVO Design No spoiler here, You don't pass go, You don't get your 200 dollars.
  • I think the 3D version of the new one they're talking about is in the second video (at the 25 second mark). It show the exact same back plate as the new EVO but with dual cameras.
  • The two tone design is growing on me, but I am going to wait to see what the SGSIII brings. The Evo4GLTE reminds me of a vintage bottle of wine or something, not futuristic or cutting edge. It looks like a signature or special edition model of the orginal Evo. From the small rendered leak of the SGSIII, it looks much more sleek and futuristic, unlike the iPhone4S which looks like a retro-style iPod/iPhone. Likewise, I liked the design of the iPhone3G/3GS much better than the iPhone4/4S.
  • I really don't understand everyone's complaint about the back design of the phone. Many end up putting a case over it and only see it once in awhile...who honestly really cares? It's not worth freaking out about IMHO. My OG Evo has started to die within 2 hours this week after a full charge...coincidence? I think no. Now I just need it to hold up until this beauty releases...
  • Im in love with everything except the two tone back. The internals, features, display screen, microSD slot, big battery, camera key/software/quality. But that glossy portion, while not "ugly" like a lot of haters and degenerates on these blog sites have said, is just not my cup of tea. If I had to chose between the One X and EvoLTE I would definitely take the Evo. But I may wait to see what the Samsung Galaxy S III brings.
  • I agree with the two-tone remark. Not really my first choice, but I'll live. I also would take the EvoLTE over the One X any day and sacrifice the "design" on the back for a microSD slot, bigger battery, HD voice (maybe), Google Wallet, and an overall purely better phone then the benchmark One X. I am curious about this 3D camera design in the article though. I like the glossy black with the dual cameras and LED flash. It must be something for "down the road" though? I mean why would you tout the EvoLTE yesterday at a conference - while keeping a 3D version in your back pocket? Doesn't add up to me...
  • Gotta love the throwback to the pin drop! You kids don't know anything about that
  • So clear you can hear a pin drop. Thin as a pin could work too. :)
  • Ya its as thin as pin. Nice marketing bs... Also in case I haven't told you no removable battery... Why do companies improve on what is asked then take three steps back in other areas... Example.evo 3d. Let's take away kickstand? I own og evo and 3d.. and will own this.. I just can't understand these moves...
  • Wait till the end of the first half and you'll be able to get it with a quad core. The pin is from a throw back commercial, So clear you can hear a pin drop. I guess it could also work for thin as a pin.
    The embedded battery is a deal breaker for me. If not, I would have got this device.
  • I've resigned to the thought that the embedded battery is now a smartphone reality and they're not turning back. I'd rather have a removable one but unfortunately we aren't going to get a choice soon enough down the road. Unless one is willing to just keep an old phone forever.
  • No, the pin isn't JUST in reference to how thin it is. Its an audio quality reference as well from Sprint's old ads: Very cool throwback reference from Sprint.
  • No Candice Bergen?
  • LMAO, good ol' Murphy Brown
  • More like they took 5 steps forward and one step back.
  • Agreed. OG Evo was the first Android phone I've ever had, the first SMART phone I've ever had, and I went through a whole hell of a lot to get one around launch. At first I dismissed the redesign from the One X, but the nostalgia factor is really winning the day. For me, since I currently have a GSII, my new phone will simply come down to GSII or Evo LTE. Here's hoping Samsung shows their cards soon. I'm sure they don't enjoy HTC currently holding the benchmark.
  • I mean GSIII Whoops!
  • As long as Samsung has the GALAXY NEXUS, GALAXY NOTE, EPIC TOUCH 4G, SKYROCKET HD, and the original GALAXY S2 there no way HTC can hold the benchmark NO WAY...
  • Quality > Quantity It's not a pissing contest
  • Very nice. I have been patiently waiting for the GNexus to come out for the past 4 months, but I have never come close to feeling as excited as I am about this device. The release day can not come soon enough!
  • I got a Samsung 7 inch tab for xmas.. traded in for htc tab which was much snappier.. scared of Samsung phones now.. I actually like sense and again love the idea of better sound and better camera since 3d let me down on both.. still get green pics.. had to mod for louder sound also.. so yes I'm excited for good pics and good sound.. I just pray i can play music for at least half a day...
  • It's the EVO->EVO 3D->EVO LTE in the 3D variant, lol. Just showing progression.
  • Glad someone figured that out...duh.
  • Completly agree. there is no 3D variant. Its clear that it went OG EVO - - EVO 3D - - EVO LTE
  • I agree, the same way that I will be progressing...EVO, EVO 3D to the EVO 4G LTE.
  • Hey....where's the shift? LOL, even they don't like to admit it ever existed.
  • lol, I was thinking the same thing when i saw the promo.
  • The video above is the wrong video. The video at clearly shows a 3D version of the E4GLTE at 0:25, and it is NOT the EVO 3D. There is a screengrab at
  • Yeah, but that video showed all kinds of prototypes of the phone, so I'm betting that was just what it would have looked like had they gone 3D and not necessarily an indication that a 3D variant will be released later.
  • I'm just glad they put the money into the tech that is in the EVO LTE rather than skimping on something and adding 3D to the one we saw yesterday...
  • I like very much. It really shows off the sexy design of this phone! I can see folks lining up on launch day for this fine piece of hardware... Note to Sprint: Don't blow it with the TV advertising. Just tout the features in the ad, plain and simple Best phone camera in the world, Powerful phone with a Very THIN profile, LTE 4G speeds, Best HD screen display on a phone, and the kickstand. They will come!
  • Lol are you guys serious? It showed the original Evo then the 3d and then the new one. It's just showing how far they've came. Lol. It's not that difficult of a concept lol.
  • The video above is the wrong video. The video at clearly shows a 3D version of the E4GLTE at 0:25, and it is NOT the EVO 3D. There is a screengrab at
  • Looks good... and unlimited data sounds good... but .28 mbps down in Wichita looks and sounds like crap. Sorry Sprint, you gotta do better here before I'll work with you.
  • I usually get around 1.5 to 1.8 up here in Emporia. :)
  • Ah ha I FIGURED it out the video of the pin drop is the wrong video click the source and they have the correct video there on that video go to the 25sec mark and you can find the concept EVO 3D 4G LTE.
  • If you guys follow the source link you will see what the 3D variant is actually associated with. I think AC embedded the wrong video.
  • The two tone design is growing on me, but I am going to wait to see what the SGSIII brings. The Evo4GLTE reminds me of a vintage bottle of wine or something, not futuristic or cutting edge. It looks like a signature or special edition model of the orginal Evo. From the small rendered leak of the SGSIII, it looks much more sleek and futuristic, unlike the iPhone4S which looks like a retro-style iPod/iPhone. Likewise, I liked the design of the iPhone3G/3GS much better than the iPhone4/4S.
  • Man EVERY time I see this phone I WANT it!! but the GNEX is also a good phone too..... so many decisions, and this stupid upgrade is burning a hole in my pocket! SPRINT take my money!!!
  • There was nothing in there about a 3D version on the table.... All it was doing was show the progression of the EVO! EVO 4g to EVO 3D... TO THIS BEAST! Why do people gotta read to much into it? Maybe in a year from now a 3D version might be out. I hope not! Edit: I watched the right video and maybe but there was one with a dual flash and one with a silver band/kickstand as well. Who knows how many "versions" they might slip out there...
  • They added the right video. Here is the link they were referring to:
  • The embedded battery is a deal breaker for me. Gee, that kick stand looks so sweet closer to the middle. I feel lonely, lol :( Good bye my beloved Evo.
  • First of, let me say that I find the design really nice, I've had an EVO 4G since launch, and I do like where they went with the design on this one.
    I think the pin is definetely a reference to that old SPrint commercial. Though it could have been this too :)
    At the beginning, the pin looks like a nail on the close-up. It drops on the ground on its side multiple times and they show both the EVO 4g and 3D. The next time the pin (nail) hits the ground, it hits straight down, leaving an impact. It looks like they are saying, "we nailed it this time". Of course, this is just my imagination :) and I do believe they nailed it before with the original EVO.
    It's still probably a reference to that old Sprint ad.
  • So watching the video I don't it's indicative of a 3D varient. That was a table full of prototypes. One looked like the OG Evo, 2 of them looked like the Evo LTE, but they weren't because the red band was too thin, and one looked like a 3D varient of the Evo LTE. Because the 2 "Evo LTE's" on the table were obviously prototype and not the final product (again because the red band is too thin) that leads me to believe that the 3D varient is also just a prototype.
  • This is why such a Sprint phone is so expensive, all these efforts into something that really only a few people really care about. Materials, kickstand design, softness, feel. blah blah. Most people care about the software and the specs. Waste of money & effort, and the consumers have to pay for it.
  • $200 is "so expensive"????
  • I am happy for my sprint family and EVO friends if you have the original granddaddy then YES it's time for an update. If you have an EVO 3D you should consider an upgrade sprint will work it out for you they always do. Same goes for the EVO design 4g customers call up sprint and see what they will do for you from an upgrade standpoint. The EVO 4G LTE is the BEST EVO in the family plain and simple. Myself being a former evo 4g and evo 3d owner I am happily on verizon enjoying my GALAXY NEXUS the best stock android device on the market. I would love to return to sprint down the line but they will have too get that network of the ground with LTE here in New York city and prove how good it is compared to Verizon and At&t. Truthfully with the upcoming GALAXY S3 and GALAXY NOTE2/JOURNAL and upcoming NEXUS in December 2012 it's hard to say if this EVO 4G LTE can stand up to the competition we will find out. Snapdragon s3 vs Snapdragon s4 what is really the real world difference between the two that is what someone needs to place up on a video so people can see what the difference really is in daily usage. I am pretty sure it won't be much of a day to day usage difference plus I would love for someone to put up a comparison video SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 EPIC TOUCH 4G vs HTC EVO 4G LTE I bet that exynos processor on the epic touch is still faster than the snapdragon s4 in the evo 4g lte just a thought...Hail to Dan Hesse and HTC
  • The EVO 3D is nice and all - but I will not shop for a 3D phone again any time soon. If this is, so be it, but I will likely be getting it regardless, and honestly, I hope it's not a 3D phone.
  • It's not. They're just commenting on the fact there appears to be a 3D variant pictured. Sprint certainly didn't pay for that whole shindig yesterday just to switch it to a 3D version at launch. As for me, I would wait the extra couple of months to get the 3D version. Especially if it's the same specs. It looked like a carbon copy of the current version so why not. 3D haters are gonna hate, but I like my EVO 3D and use that feature a lot. This assumes, of course, that it doesn't ruin the sweet ass camera that the One series already has.
  • its growing on me.........
  • I don't think that will be the case. I think that was one of the many phones models that HTC was working on for Sprint. They have done it before, where they show a video with 5 different phones that are slightly different on a video for 2 seconds. That's mostly because of all the idea and models that that they come out with as a possible final product.
  • I think that this will be a very good seller for Sprint. The phone has nice specs and it is very unique with the red spring loaded kickstand. Everyone that sees this phone is not going to like it and there will be some that do. Sprint and HTC understands that. It's kinda funny, think about it. When car manufactures change the body styling on their vehicles, they understand that their will be some people that like it and others that don't and they are willing to accept it. Just buy what appeals to you... Just saying>>>>>>>>>
  • HTC contacted the original source and they now report that the rumor is false. The original source updated their article.
  • Yep.. it'd growing on me.. but I want that new 3D one :D THAT one will take the cake!
  • HTC needs to come out with a new Evo 3D to keep up spec wise and improve on the first one which was not perfect. Having found 3D movie packs on EBay for my Evo 3D, I can see this technology really taking off because watching movies in 3D is pretty awesome. I dont really see myself buying anything else that is 3D free again despite how nice these new phones are.
  • The more I see it, the more I want it. This will be my next phone, I just hope a white one comes out quickly.
  • Oh, the pin drop...... Takes me back..... @ 27 seconds @ 2:53 Has nothing to do with thinness. The pin drop is something for us old school "Red Logo" customers. The newbs wouldn't know anything about that.