Cellular South Hero gets Android 2.1

For those of you with an HTC Hero on Cellular South, let it be known at Android 2.1 is now ready for you (albeit a little later than we'd expected). It's not an over-the-air update, unfortunately, but we'll take what we can get, won't we?

You'll want to make sure your phone is well-charged before you apply the update (50 percent or higher, please, and Cellular South suggests you install the HTC Sync program beforehand, just in case. CS also is pushing the free trial of My Backup in the Market to back up your contacts, again, just in case. (Can't hurt, but if you're sync'd to Google, you're likely good to go.

You'll also be getting MMS support along with the update, but it's going to cost you $5.99 a month on your bill.

You can get more info on the Cellular South Hero here, and download the Android 2.1 update here. [via Facebook] Thanks, @FirstKlassVT

  • Just updated my wifes phone all went well. I think she's going to like it. Hope everyone else's update goes good. Sent from my EVO :)
  • Wow 2.2 is coming out for most phones and finally 2.1 is coming to the hero yay.
  • Wait, $5.99 for MMS? What a rip off.
  • It's about freakin time! Been waiting forever for this!
  • It's about freakin time! Been waiting forever for this!
  • 2.1 is AWESOME on this Hero... it is like I have a whole new phone.... literally.
  • I want to know, is it the OS(i have 2.1) or my hero is just a POS. You can say what you want about the phone and OS, but to me i feel like throwing my phone in a lake everyday! People kept telling me after you upgrade to 2.1 your phone will be much better! But you know what, it's still a POS! and whats worst is Cellular South will not do anything about it, So unless i pay $180 fee to get away from them I am stuck with this POS. Sorry this post is so long, but i needed to vent.... before i throw this POS in the lake!