Catching up on the weather with Instaweather for Android Wear

Being able to glance at your watch, and get your weather forecast is a luxury that really can't be overstated. Sometimes though the temperature, and current conditions just don't quite cut it. Whether you want to see radar of that storm rolling in, or know how hard the wind is going to kick up, finding the info you need can be a hassle. That's where the Instaweather Watchface comes in, with all the weather information you could need-and all at a glance.

The Instaweather Watchface comes stocked with 9 different watch faces. That's right, nine of them. Each one is a little bit different, and has it's own options. We've broken them down into three categories Infographic watch faces, Analog watch faces, and Radar/Map watch faces. With nine faces there are tons of options, and features to check out.

Instaweather Infrographic

Five of the watch faces fall into infographic faces; Meteogram, IW Hourly Forecast, IW Weather Forecast, IW Bar Chart Forecast, and IW Daily Fit. Each of these has a slick, colorful display with different metrics. All of them have the time, date, and different style options as far as the look of your watchface goes. There are colorful bar charts with the daily forecast, line graphs with icons for your weather, and even a face that will show you your activity synced with Google Fit. Each of these faces has a functional and colorful look to them that is definitely pleasing to the eye. They also each have their own options which include the type of measurements used, color, and placement of graphs on your screen.

Instaweather Analog watch faces

IW LCD Weather, and IW Analog are reminiscent of analog watchfaces. The analog face gives you 3 forecasts at three hour intervals with icons for the weather, and a readout of the temperature. The time is readout with an hour and minute hand. The IW LCD Weather face almost looks like a readout you'd find in an older model car. Once again there is an analog face, this time on the top half of the screen. The bottom half has current temperature and conditions, along with two more forecasts at three hour intervals.

Then you have the IW Weather Radar face, and the IW Weather Map face. IW Weather Radar will give you a radar readout of the weather moving into your area. This highlights how fast and severe weather patterns in your area are currently moving in. The IW Weather Map face is essentially the same thing, except its a map of your general area with the weather moving in. Both of them are definitely handy on days when the weather is calling for scattered or severe thunderstorms. It is worth it to mention that the weather is only updated every 60 minutes unless you buy into a premium membership, when that number drops down to every 5 minutes.

Instaweather Radar watch faces

This app is fantastic for anyone who wants a running update on the weather for the day. With nine different faces there are tons of options in how your weather is displayed, what information you get, and how you get it. You also have options to customize how the different faces look, to make sure it fits your style. So if you've been looking for a better weather app, then the Instaweather Watch face app for Android Wear should certainly be on your list. Have you already used this app, or is there a better weather app you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

Jen Karner

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