Casio Commando

The Casio Commando will be launching April 28 on Verizon according to these leaked documents provided by an avid reader.  Just because Verizon isn't talking about the Commando doesn't mean we haven't heard of it and seen it before, and even seen it's supposed due date come and go in a leaked Big Red roadmap.  We also have some specs for the Commando thanks to both the internal and external comparison sheets (after the break), and while they aren't spectacular, the ruggedness sort of makes up for it.  Yes, the Commando lives up to it's name, carrying the 810G Military Specification  -- making it one tough phone.  The rest of the specs:

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  • 800 MHz CPU
  • 3.6-inch screen at 480x800
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 5 MP camera
  • 8 GB microSD card included (support for 32 GB)
  • Mobile hotspot capable

Of course the Casio GzGear apps are all included, as well as Verizon's value-added applications.  It may not be the "super phone" some are looking for, but it does look like one rough and ready handset.  Hit the break to see the comparisons, including another Photoshop boo-boo.  I'll let you find that one yourselves.  Thanks, Anonymous!

internal comparison

external comparison