Bixby's reputation is tarnished beyond repair

Samsung announced its Bixby digital assistant with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in April 2017. At the time, our review of the phones referred to Bixby as "undercooked" — that was an understatement. Bixby Voice wasn't even available at launch, so you were left with Bixby Home, Bixby Vision and some basic reminder features. Samsung's ambitions were huge, and while everyone was harsh on Bixby for its failings, it was at least given the benefit of the doubt considering many of its promised features had yet to be deployed.

Later in the year we got the Galaxy Note 8, well after Bixby Voice had launched to little fanfare. Bixby was but a footnote of the phone's announcement and wasn't at all present in its marketing — and as a product, it wasn't a compelling part of the Note 8's experience. I reviewed the Galaxy S9 with just a few sentences mentioning that Bixby exists and it can be disabled — that's all it deserved. Even with months of extra work, Bixby Home was still slow, Bixby Voice was cumbersome and the "smart" proactive features basically didn't exist.

Not much has changed.

How to completely disable Bixby

Bixby on the Galaxy S9

In an attempt to broaden my horizons and keep up with trends, I'm highly observant of phones being used by "regular" people. Every time I'm out of the house, I'm looking to see what phones people are using, and how they're using them. I ask my friends and family all sorts of questions about their smartphone habits. Between the Galaxy S8/S8+, Note 8 and S9/S9+, Samsung has sold well over 100 million devices that have a Bixby button and have the assistant. Yet for all of the phone use I've observed and questions I've asked, I don't see or hear from anyone using Bixby. A highly unscientific poll of my tech-forward Twitter followers shows Bixby to be more of a punchline than anything else. Yes people are using Bixby — Samsung has numbers to prove it — but it isn't particularly widespread.

The fact that people have forgotten about Bixby has been a positive for Samsung.

Sad as it sounds, the fact that people have largely forgotten about Bixby has been a positive for Samsung. As soon as the company capitulated and gave users the choice to completely disable Bixby, it stopped being a point of conversation when talking about Samsung's phones — which is a good thing, because the discussion was overwhelmingly negative.

That kind of points to the core problem with Bixby at this point, beyond the fact that it isn't particularly great as a product. Even if it were to dramatically improve, nobody would find out organically — because they've already just disabled it and have absolutely no intention of giving it another chance. Though Samsung continues to develop Bixby, it's now playing in a world where people either have no idea it exists or had a poor first impression and never came back. Much like what Apple faced with Siri over the product's first few years, there's a ridiculously uphill battle ahead to overcome that much bad public perception.

Bixby hasn't been able to get into the public consciousness the way Assistant, Siri and Alexa have.

Google's Assistant, Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa have been able to jump over the line to general consumer consciousness in a relatively short amount of time. Bixby hasn't been able to make the same sort of jump in over 18 months with three major phone launches offering the software. At some point, you start to wonder if Samsung is content to keep Bixby on its very pedestrian pace of development, or if there's any value at all in giving it a strong push back into view of the average person buying a high-end phone today. (And I sure don't think a Bixby-powered speaker is the way to do it.)

As we head into the Galaxy Note 9's launch on August 9, I wonder what, if any, emphasis will be put on Bixby. It's fully expected that Samsung will keep plowing away with the feature, including a Bixby button and prominent placement as part of the home screen experience. But I wouldn't be surprised if we heard no mention of Bixby in the announcement. And perhaps that's for the best until Samsung can show a massive leap in quality for the much-maligned digital assistant.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • For me bixby works better than Google assistant for getting to and using phone settings faster. I mostly use GA for just search. I actually like having both cause one is better than the other at different tasks. So I get the best of both worlds.
  • Pretty much this, at controlling the phone it's better then Google's assistant. For anything else GA is better.
  • Stop saying that. Andrew knows everyone/all.
  • i use settings search for that
  • Yeah I feel the same. Bixby for phone settings and GA for everything else. It's when you try to do everything with either you come up short so no need to try
  • Samsung just needs to stop fighting Google when it comes to their OS. Stock Android is wya better. My pixel runs smoother all apps run better on my pixel 2 xl. On my note 8 apps don't always work well they sometimes freeze force close or lag. On my 2 xl every app I have ever used works 100% of the time. Samsung needs to just integrate their features I to stock Android like Motorola had done. Samsung changes **** for the sake of change. Google apps work better and look better than Samsung's apps as well.
  • I can't stand the way Google's apps look with their hideous bright white backgrounds. I prefer Samsung's stock apps over Google's you can theme them. Samsung internet is way better than chrome, I like the Dialer, clock, calculator, email over Google's. I do like Gboard and use Textra for messages cause Google still won't let you theme Android messages it's just ugly as hell. Oh and Goodlock 2018 is amazing! I love having a choice and not being stuck with boring featureless stock. I never experienced any of the lag or app crashes either.
  • I broke my phone so I needed a new one immediately. I've used iPhone and Samsung but this time I was really going to examine each phone. I looked at Pixel 2. Within twenty minutes I discarded it. I kept looking. I wanted to see the new Sony but I would have had to switch ISPs. I didn't have time for that. I don't like Motorola as a company. And the search went on. It finally came down to iPhone and Samsung (no surprise). Samsung has a way superior camera to iPhone (and Pixel), my choice was clear. Bixby was a bonus. Together with Assistant, Samsung is unbeatable
  • I've never had lag or crashes so that's on you. And Samsung apps especially Internet, calendar, email, and gallery work way better in samsung phones then google apps. Google apps just take up unnecessary space.
  • So. Because you've had no crashes...does that mean no one else has? And can't one challenge your statement...Google apps just take up unnecessary space and suggest that it's Samsung's bloatware that takes space? And finally, what is your form of measurement for stating Samsung apps work way better than Google? I'd like to understand the facts or is this based on personal opinion? Thanks. Mr Phipps
  • You're in the minority there, bud. The average customer is perfectly happy with Samsung software. I'm a power user who owns both a Note 8 and an iPhone X and Samsung's software is my fave, except their mail app (I use AquaMail instead).
  • Oooooooh a hit piece about something related to Samsung. How original.
  • Any suggestions for something you'd like them to talk about?
  • Why yes. Yes he would! Topics on like how to be a grown up or how to grow up in the digital age.
  • They can write anything they like, just like I can call them out on bullshit/trolling articles. Don't want Bixby? Disable it in settings or vote with your wallet and buy a phone from another OEM. Of course that would mean being reasonable.
  • Ya like those of us that use it there are lots of great thing just needs off line recognition and it will beat google by far
  • I wouldn't say it'sa hit job... bixby does earn some of the hate it receives.
    But yeah this article is low-hanging fruit tho...
  • It's a good change of pace from every non-Samsung story I write where I'm told I'm a shill for Samsung and I'm being paid for positive coverage.
  • You, a Samsung shill? Lol.
  • Which died first Bigsby or Dex?
  • Dex hasn't died...
    It's been intergrated into the Note 9.
  • OK Andrew, why are you trying to kill Bixby? A lot of people use it. If you keep trying to kill Bixby, Samsung will stop trying to improve it. Basically, you're telling Samsung to take a step backwards instead of forward just because you couldn't be bothered looking for the positive. Bixby and Assistant are two different things. You wouldn't use Google to get directions, you'd use Maps. You could get there using Google but Maps is better. Bixby and Assistant aren't competitors, they complement each other, like Maps complements Assistant
  • be glad they actually wrote anything at all. 9 out of 10 articles are just a 1 paragraph update to a 1 year old article back from when they actually used to write articles.
  • You could write a book with the amount of truth in this article. Right on point Andrew! All Samsung should do now is let us permanently remap the bixby button. Then we'll know they've given up until it no longer appears with new phone releases.
  • And let us uninstall every bixby function on the phone and let us delete that stupid Facebook installer.
  • I wouldn't expect them to give up on it yet. The real sign is when you see it start to vanish from their TV's and appliances.
  • I honestly don't get what all the hate is about. The button is easily disabled if you don't want it, but it's also super useful. Bixby Voice works as a quick access to phone settings, and I love the keyboard's quick access to dictation. Bixby Vision works better than Google Lens when identifying places (it cheats by using the GPS for help, but at this point, I care which one gets me the name of the place I'm looking at faster and better, and Bixby Vision is just better at that). And Bixby Home, while it could be improved on in responsiveness, isn't the worst thing in the world.
  • My wife and both mother/father in law all have Samsung Galaxy S8's. The first time they used their phones all three of them, independently of each other, had the same reaction, which was essentially "what is this stupid Bixby thing and how do I get rid of it?"
  • This ^ is what's wrong with Bixby. People immediately think something is useless because they are in fact too stupid to figure out HOW it might be useful and want it gone. but, 3 people bought Samsung phones instead of another brand. If they didn't want bixby they could have went Motorola, LG, HTC, but, they knew absolutely NOTHING about the phone they bought, they bought it because they know who Samsung is.
    If they knew ANYTHING about the phone at all, they would have know it was a Bixby phone. There is nothing wrong with Bixby. It's better than Siri and almost as good as GA.
  • 👍
  • I can agree with some of what you said but again Samsung needs to lay off all of the features it puts into their phones. If they want the features then stop with the useless change for the sake of change and use stock Android and just integrate your features. Stock Android IS BETTER!
  • Why would I want another brand switching to stock looking Android when several companies like Nokia, Motorola and One Plus already provde that kind of UI? I agree it would've been nice back in the Touchwiz days, but stock Android has a high level of boringness with its excessive bright white backgrounds and no native themes. Samsung specific features would not blend on that UI.
    Samsung's UI is fairly polished and runs on less resources nowadays. It's perfectly bearable.
  • I've found that those that aren't tech savvy that end up using it are those that purchase from a place where there is a Samsung rep that has a chance to show them the usefulness of it. They build a value.
    Those that set up the phone on their own or at places with no reps (which is becoming more common) have to go out of their way to learn something new, and let's face it... For the general public new = bad.
  • "Almost as good" isn't good enough on a device where Google Assistant is also readily available. Samsung either has to make Bixby BETTER than GA in some way or give up.
  • My question to you is "how did they find Bixby" followed by "why turn it off. Just don't use it". I watch TV and there are a lot of shows that I don't like. I don't watch them. But I don't throw my tv out
  • In this case is fairly easy to trigger Bixby by accidentally pressing the dedicated key instead of the Volume Keys, or when taking your phone out of the pants pocket.
    I partially disabled my key so it will only work if I keep it pressed and will not summon Bixby on full screen.
  • If anything, Bixby is late to the party compared to the other assistants. Everyone had a head start yet Bixby is probably on the same level as a Siri if not better. And Siri been around for a while. GA just has more resources because it's Google. To me Bixby is young and needs years to get good. The true problem with Bixby is the button. There should be no extra button unless it's a multi-usable button. Should be able to map it to anything.
  • I will admit that I was somewhat biased from the start for two reasons I have horrible memories of S voice. It was permanently disabled on all my old Samsung devices. Couldn’t see the point in Samsung even developing another voice assistant this late in the day. By the time I got my note 8 I’d seen a few videos showing all the things bixby could do that other assistants couldn’t like phone actions. So I set it up. It was ok for a day or two and then it kept saying it couldn’t understand what I’d said. It got on my nerves so I disabled it completely. I got my S9 plus last month. I disabled bixby during the phone set up. Last week I thought maybe I wasn’t being fair and perhaps bixby had improved considering that it had been almost a year since I’d last used it. I enabled it and it said the same rubbish about not understand me. I had to keep repeating commands. I had to switch it off after 5 minutes.
  • That's what I need. A $1000 device with a curved screen I hate and a hardware button that doesn't work.
  • Well thank God there's a lot of Android phone choices.. that way you don't have to buy a phone from an oem that you don't like... Simple really.....
  • It's obviously not as simple as we think....
  • Not as simple as what?
    What in the hell you talk in ng about
  • Making choices based on preference, as you mentioned in your initial comment.
  • Ok, so by your logic, Thinair1911 has made a choice based on his preference that he hates 1000 dollar devices with curved screens and hardware buttons that don’t work. That is as simple as it gets.
  • Many of us love the curved screen.
  • Hardware button works just as well on my s9+ as my squeezable sides do on my pixel 2 xl. Both are ginmicks, both can be disabled if so chosen.
  • wait.... using... them... both!?!?!? UNPOSSIBLE
  • Impossible*
  • Satire*
  • I use them both! And I like them both. Bixby for my phone, Assistant for internet searches. While I'm at it, I may as well explain that I use Maps for directions and Calendar to track my time. People who hate Bixby must be really surprised that I use more than one app
  • It works fine for my needs but I don't consider any assistant to be a must-have. Bixby understands me far bettwr than Google, makes adjusting phone settings a piece of cake, and it manipulates apps well.
  • Bixby excels at local machine interaction, but sucks at web based contextual search, which is what Google is best at. Bixby will need time to reach the level that the current leader is at. IMO, Bixby will never become equal to Google in this regard, BUT can become a near peer competitor if given the proper resources.
  • I use it every day with custom settings i have and it works near flawlessly. Updates my apps with just words, it works with phone, Google with everything else.
  • Bixby works great on my Note 8 by letting me do things on my device that Google Assistant won't let me do. Why would you say they should pull the plug on Bixby? I would like to see the ability to remap the Bixby button. But for doing things on your device, there is nothing like it.
    One must realize that Google Assistant and Bixby are two very different concepts with two very different purposes. I think the author should try using it more before trashing it.
  • What if he used it?
  • Agreed Andrew. Hated it and turned it off.
  • I think Bixby works the best when it's disabled! I compare Bixby with the notch, it just plain sucks!
  • So according to Samsung fansboys to them Google copied bixby. I mean let me explain Samsung is so successful they could launch a phone with tizen and it would be successful right. See I'm getting at is Samsung fanboys think Google Android is nothing without Samsung. If that was true what happened with bixby and tizen phone success. If they made Android successful why couldn't they accomplish making tizen a phone os successful or bixby!
  • Principal: Mr. Madison, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
    Billy Madison: Okay, a simple "wrong" would've done just fine.
  • People love to jump on the idea of a tizen phone and overlook the very obvious option Samsung already has. Non GPL Android fork. The biggest obstacle at the moment would be getting major app developers to utilize the Galaxy app store, however I'm sure that would happen much more quickly if Samsung moved in their own direction.
  • i think that your headline "bixby's reputation is tarnished beyond repair" is an extreme exaggeration based on the evidence that you provide e.g. your "highly unscientific poll of tech-forward Twitter followers". 1) there is a lot of overlap between what bixby can do vs. what google assistant can do
    2) google assistant is on all android phones whereas bixby is 'just' on new samsung phones so people that are familiar with google assistant will continue to use it instead of learning something new
    3) google markets google assistant (e.g. kevin durant "yo google") a lot more than samsung so most people don't know what it can do
    4) of the people that know (at least to some extent) what bixby can do, a good amount (hard to estimate this) of people either don't need to use it or can't figure out how to use it. WRT improving bixby, bixby needs to
    1) be available offline i.e. when in airplane mode
    2) re-use google assistant for what google assistant is better at (when online because google assistant will not work offline either) e.g. internet searches
    3) provide videos to help people understand what it can do and how to do it
    4) improve speech recognition (it's not bad but it's not as good as google assistant)
    5) other bugs e.g. the pic of this article. note, i don't have a need to use bixby vision so i have no idea how accurate it is. note: in the bottom-right of the pic it states "translated by google" so i'm not convinced this bug is bixby's fault. the 2 things that i use bixby for are
    1) i created bixby voice commands "wake" and "sleep" that each perform numerous tasks e.g. turn on / off airplane mode, turn on / off sound, open / close alarm app, etc. note: for this to work (because bixby does not work without wifi), i used adb to edit airplane mode to no longer disable wifi in airplane mode.
    2) i created a bixby voice command "android mobile" to open android mobile, disable do not disturb, open android mobile. note: i do this because when opening android mobile it auto-enables do not disturb and it was not possible (at least months ago) to allow custom exceptions e.g. incoming calls to car Bluetooth. i could use bixby a lot more (e.g. voice commands to edit settings on the phone which google assistant cannot do) but i use these 2 bixby features daily and i'm very pleased with them.
  • The dedicated Bixby button is one reason I stopped buying Samsung phones. For all the things I loved about my Samsungs, their button placement really doesn't work for me - with or without a new one for Bixby. I do not want to have to hit a volume button when all I am trying to do is exert enough pressure on the power button to lock the phone. Why Samsung insists on placing them opposite each other is beyond me. Now I have the volume buttons or Bixby as my unwanted extra.
  • Which will or has died first, Bigsby or Dex ? Kind regards Richard U.K
  • As much as I'm not using Bixby, it works. I'm just also not using Google Assistant, it's not that good.
  • I have no need/use for an assistant. Didn't use Bixby and don't use GA. One day someone will bring us a LCARS like system - then I'll talk to my computer/gadget! It's all nonsense. The one can do this the other that but none can do it all, so you have to have a handful of "assistants' for something a few Finger taps can do.
  • Your experience isn't universal. I use Bixby more than I do Google Assistant on my Note 8. I don't use Google Assistant at all on my device. That's what my Google Home is for.
  • What I like most about Bixby is that I can trigger it just by holding down the dedicated key, even if the phone is locked. No unlocking, no linguistically clumsy "Okay Google," (it's like speaking French!), just getting it done. Assuming Bixby understands what I'm saying, which is what I hate most about it. 80-85% of the time it understands me just fine. It's the other 15-20% of the time that drives me to drink. The "fix" process to make it work better is ENTIRELY unusable; it's just simpler to tell it again and hope for the best. But what Bixby does it does well, and I don't ask for much or much more. I just don't chatter at my devices much, and that includes my Echo Spots. Searches are as easily done through an app on the phone that's always on me, and I get better results that I can immediately use. Perhaps if I was more the Chatty Cathy type, I'd care more about this or that voice assistant. I use what I need for what I want to do, just like any other app.
  • I agree, and I use Bixby and Assistant. Assistant is better at some things and Bixby is better at some things. Together, they're unbeatable. I don't talk to machines generally but if I need it, I use it
  • I think you're doing/have done a consistent and solid unbiased job. I don't always agree with you but I know when you say something it's based on something tangible. That's what most of these fools don't understand. This is an editorial and opinion based. These clowns feel personally attacked because somebody is saying something bad about THEIR purchase and they can't handle somebody not agreeing with them. Cheers to you good sir.
  • While I appreciate this is an editorial, I would prefer to receive good news about tech. Trying to kill an app tells the developer not to waste time improving it. So I would like to tell the opinionated writer to shaddup
  • You said it. The egos from some posters get out of hand, and they can’t take criticism in a constructive way. All the name calling, foul words, attacks on others, just because someone didn’t like the phone, are juvenile. I’m learning just not to respond to troll behavior. I could see a sports team, car, celebrity, on that level, but some are really ignorant.
  • "Bixby's reputation is tarnished beyond repair" Sounds like famous last words to me.
  • Bixby is garbage compared to Google Assistant. If Samsung wants to insist on including Bixby, fine.... But give us the option of picking which to use by default without having to use some hokey third party app, Google or Bixby.
  • Use Assistant by saying OK Google. Bixby is not a default, and if you think it is, then you're not familiar with your phone. Finally, I use both Bixby and Assistant. Learn to tell the difference
  • I'm talking about the button. I totally know what I am talking about. If you were familiar with the two, you would have understood.
    Lawn not to try to be condescending when you are totally in the dark.
  • I use both Bixby and Assistant. Bixby can do numerous actions that GA can't do, but for things that Assistant can do, it seems to have better voice recognition.
  • I might be in the minority but Bixby adds a ton of value for me. Note 8. I've never had a single hiccup, freeze, crash, etc... Want an S10 active if that ends up being a thing though. Sure as s**t I'll miss the pen, but I want something a little more rugged without losing any of the wonderful Samsung software & apps.
  • You've never seen me with my s8. I use Bixby and I love it. I don't say things like "tell me the time". I confess I'm a bit of a techie. My first command to Bixby was "go to the calendar and get the address for Petsmart then show it to me on maps". It was my first day with my s8 and I've been going strong ever since. Stop saying nasty things about Bixby or you'll kill it. That would be a step backwards and I want tech to move forward. Instead, learn to tell the difference between Bixby and Assistant. The s8 comes with both. I use both. I really don't appreciate your negative comments about tech and how to disable it. Next, I suppose you won't stop until everyone owns an iPhone
  • Exactly. Kill it.
  • But .. but... Be together, not the same... Unless it's Samsung, then burn it to the ground! /S People's hatred for Samsung is as silly as them thinking a pixel 2 is "stock" Android. It's not. It's become a largely closed source thing (which isn't bad) and a true vision of what Google wants.
  • This is why I got away from Samsung and went to the Google Pixel 2 XL. When I had the S8+, and Bixby was still in Beta, every time I disabled Bixby, and Samsung put out an update, it would reset all the settings and Bixby would be back interfering with everything until I was able to kill it....AGAIN.
  • The bad part of Bixby is that it's also a built in app for Samsung smart TVS, it's just as hard or diffulct to use just as much as on their cell phones. I wonder what would happen if Samsung decided to drop Bixby all together. if this was to happen what then?
  • It's also a part of some of their newer appliances, and if I had to hedge a bet I would be willing to say IF they're going to announce a smart speaker that will run Bixby as well.
  • Maybe they will eventually let you remap the button instead of "Bixby or nothing"?
  • I probibly would use it more if it was in my own language, can´t see myself walking in the street talking to my phone in english, would feel stupid :-)
  • There are days when I have to wonder if that title isn't befitting of Android Central.
  • I have a note 8 and I started out by enabling Bixby, then disabling it to finally let it run in the background again now. It does a better job at managing basic phone stuff like setting reminders etc. but that is about it. It is better synced with Samsung apps, so if you use Samsung health like I do (I actually like it for a not-so-health-conscious-user like myself) then it is better than google assistant. But then I feel Samsung have designed their OS in such a way that it makes Bixby look better in as many areas as it can. Sadly (for Samsung) that is nowhere near enough to make users use it. The moment I switch from Samsung to another brand, I will not miss Bixby at all. certainly not worth the presence on home screen and having a dedicated button!
  • You can use BK Disabler (paid app on Google Play) to fully disable bixby and any other junk you don't want WITHOUT root. Get it.
  • Says Nexus/pixel fanboys. Bixby is great for quick phone control commands. No it's not a good tool for home automation but it's quicker and more powerful than assistant for quick commands like opening an app, turning the flashlight on, etc.
  • As long as the assistant can open anything without even a internet connection, I’ll use that. It can’t control the app you’re in at the moment, but once the app’s opened, I don’t need any assistant.
  • Bixby? What's that, OH yeah the button I accidentally push. I tried it a couple of times when I got my Note 8 hoping I could replace my Google Assistant, but I was under impressed with it, if only the bixby button could be remapped to use GA. I'm not sure I want to go so far at to disable the bixby just in case Samsung might allow it to be map-able in the future. For the few accidental pushes of that button I can live with that, it is easy I think to close that window. As far as getting to the settings, I've gotten use to swiping down from the top of screen, I had forgotten that button could be used for that until I read "ZOMMBIE1" comments about using it for that. I like most of the Note 8 features, especially the camera, no it isn't as good as my older DSLR but that is expected, at least for me, BUT I think it is way better than some of first 'point and shoot' pocket sized video cameras I had. I'm not sure I'm willing to spend the money just to get one more cell phone band (600MHz I believe it is), from early reviews, that is one of the few differences. Anyway that is my opinion.
  • It's obvious that the author of the article haven't made any effort to learn and understand Bixby to get the best out of it but he probably doesn't have a Samsung device as a daily driver, Bixby is very good and useful but does take a bit of learning and effort in the beginning (I'm Note8 user since launch) so I can understand why someone who maybe only played with it for a week would be disappointed a bit
  • Re-mapped the Bixby button to Google Assistant with Bx Actions App. Long press will still bring up Bixby, which I rarely use. No big deal.
  • I don't find Bixby as useless as this article implies. Although I use Google for external searches, directions, etc., I use Bixby for internal (device) searches. It's excellent at pulling up the right settings menu I need. As it doesn't interfere with Google, why such a big deal about disabling it?
  • Bixby was just ok to me. I used it to perform functions of the phone while using GA for Internet. After a few days, I found that while Bixby was useful, I actually forgot about it for months.
  • As your headline is not factual in nature I would be delighted to see you sued by said company for making blatantly false statements. Your type of journalism deserves it.
  • Samsung has been trying to do what google does already, but no where near as well, for years. On the positive note, it’s no longer blocking “ok google”. Why won’t they just save the trouble and leave what works to do its job? They should have allowed remapping of the button. It’s just sitting there as useless as (Fill in your favorite here _______).
  • Maybe because they are not trying to combat google.🤔
  • Samsung refuses to learn. While they come up with nice hardware, their software is, and always has been, horrid. And, even worse, iteration after iteration, they insist in trying to make you swallow it. The result is devices loaded with their uninstallable bloatware, that reinvents the wheel (and poorly so) and that mostly nobody wants - like this wretched Bixby. I check out their phones every so often, and always come to the same conclusion: with all the crapware that Samsung adds, their phones are a very bad deal.
  • Can you tell Google to take off their crapware?
  • I'll just keep disabling this thing until it's perfect. Problem solved not so?