Big-screen projector performance in small, consumer-friendly packages

 Man lying on bed looking at a big screen projection of a Fred Astaire movie on the opposite wall, provided by the ultra-small
Man lying on bed looking at a big screen projection of a Fred Astaire movie on the opposite wall, provided by the ultra-small (Image credit: XGIMI)

Looking for a big-screen video experience at home or on the road, with compact technology that is quick to set up and fast to boot, the latest version of Android TV built in, plus automatic screen adaptation? XGIMI has come to your rescue with its family of cutting-edge, ultra-small video projectors with audio amplifiers and high-performance speakers built in. They provide big-screen performance without the need for actual big-screen TVs..

XGIMI's video projectors work equally well with video and gaming feeds. They can connect to other devices wirelessly using Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, and by wired inputs to computers and game consoles. Because XGIMI's projectors are Android TV compatible, users can share videos directly from their phone and also access content from their favorite streaming platforms. For discriminating tech shoppers who know how to spot an excellent value between performance and price, XGIMI's video projectors are worth serious considerations. For those taking the plunge into the ultra-small video projector consumer technology market, two XGIMI models stand out: The new Elfin and the HORIZON Pro.

The Elfin: Full HDTV/HDR Video in a Tiny Package

Smiling woman lounging on couch at video on opposite wall , with a book-sized XGIMI Elfin video projector beside her project

Source: XGIMI (Image credit: Source: XGIMI)

The oh-so-portable XGIMI Elfin video projector is about the size and weight of a mid-sized paperback book. But its performance is anything but tiny. Powered by LEDs that output an impressive 800 ANSI lumens of light, the Elfin can project Full-HD (1080p) video as large as 200 inches (measured diagonally from corner to corner) onto a nearby vertical surface. These images are further enhanced using the Elfin's built-in HDR 10+ system, ensuring the most vibrant, full-range color pictures possible.

The Elfin also provides excellent sound, thanks to its built-in pair of 3W Harman Kardon speakers. These speakers have been specifically designed for the Elfin to deliver deep bass and all the audio frequencies above in high fidelity. This ensures that the experience of listening to the Elfin when enjoying big screen video or gameplay is as exciting as watching it.

The result: A fully-featured projection TV entertainment system in a tiny sleek box, and sold by XGIM I at a remarkably low MSRP of just $649. It is also available on

The HORIZON Pro: 4K Powerhouse

A photo of the XGIMI HORIZON Pro video projector, with images from Netflix TV channels in the background.

Source: XGIMI (Image credit: Source: XGIMI)

The XGIMI HORIZON Pro takes all the features of the Elfin video projector, and takes them to the next level in a package about the size of an ice cream container.

Take video quality: The 2200 ANSI lumens HORIZON Pro can deliver full 4K video resolution in HDR 10, for projected pictures that are as large as 300 inches in size. These images are enhanced by XGIMI's suite of AI-powered image correction and stabilization tools. Meanwhile, the company's X-VUE and Intelligent Screen Adaption technology allows users to project video from almost any angle, while the HORIZON Pro's onboard systems optimize screen size and avoid on-wall obstacles like light switches or hanging pictures.

Audio is also amped up on the HORIZON Pro, thanks to its Dual 8W Harman/Kardon speakers and DTS Studio Sound/Dolby audio processing system. (Both the HORIZON Pro and Elfin can be plugged into external sound systems/speakers, if so desired.) All the other features offered on the Elfin are included on the HORIZON Pro, albeit with more ports for more video and gaming inputs from a variety of sources.

The powerhouse XGIMI HORIZON Pro 4K video projector can be purchased for $1699. It is ideal for people wanting bigger and better pictures than a conventional TV or monitor could ever provide. It can also be found on Amazon.

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