Best Xiaomi Products You Can Buy in the U.S. Android Central 2021

Xiaomi doesn't sell phones in the U.S. yet, but you can get your hands on a range of ecosystem products as well as accessories. From the Mi Smart Plug to the Mi Box S and the Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro, these are the best Xiaomi products in the U.S.

Yeelight LED bulb

Smart lighting: Yeelight LED bulb

Staff pick

The Yeelight LED bulb is a great alternative to Hue as it offers a similar quality at a reduced cost. The main difference is that you don't need a hub to connect the bulbs to your Wi-Fi network, lowering the barrier to entry significantly. You'll be able to control the bulbs with Alexa or Google Assistant, and you can customize the intensity and colors from your phone as well. As it's available directly in the U.S., it works over 110V and with E26 or E27 fixtures.

$28 at Walmart
Xiaomi Smart Plug

Make everything smart: Mi Smart Plug

The Mi Smart Plug is one of the most affordable ways to bring your older appliances online. It might not be expensive, but it has a ton of features. The housing is heat-resistant up to 1,382 degrees Fahrenheit, and there's a built-in temperature sensor that automatically cuts off power supply if the temperature gets too high. You also get the option to set schedules — such as turning on lights automatically at a predetermined time — and monitor your power usage via the Mi Home app.

$12 at Walmart
Mi Box S

Android TV done right: Xiaomi Mi Box S

The Mi Box S is an absolute steal when you consider what's on offer. For less than the cost of a Chromecast Ultra, you get an Android TV box with 4K HDR. It comes with a ton of pre-loaded apps, including Netflix, Vudu, HBO Now, Starz, and Spotify, and you get access to a lot more from the Play Store. Best of all, the remote has a Google Assistant button that lets you launch your favorite TV shows and movies with voice commands, and even control smart home products in your home.

$55 at Amazon
Mi Laser Projector

Home theater redefined: Mi Laser Projector

The short-throw Mi Laser Projector is the costliest product in Xiaomi's portfolio, and it's also one of the best. The ultra short-throw distance lets you put the projector right next to a wall, and it can project an image up to 150 inches. Image quality is excellent thanks to an ALPD 3.0 laser light source, it has excellent contrast and brightness levels, and there's a built-in speaker that does a great job. It goes up to 5000 lumen, is good for 25,000 hours, and comes with Android TV out of the box.

$1,800 at Walmart
Yi Home Security Camera

Affordable home monitoring: Yi Home Security Camera

If you're looking for affordable home security, you cannot go wrong with Yi Technology's offering. The Yi Home Security Camera is inexpensive and offers a 112-degree wide-angle lens with 24/7 1080p video recording. It has two-way audio, eight LEDs that facilitate night vision, and you can slot in a 32GB card to store up to seven days' worth of video offline. It also has motion detection and activity alerts, and you'll be able to access the camera feed on your phone via the Yi Home app.

$22 at Amazon
Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum

Let the robot do it: Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum

Roborock is one of over 200 Xiaomi ecosystem partners that sells products under the Mi Ecosystem label. The S5 robot has a powerful 2000Pa motor, and there's also a mop option. What sets the vacuum apart though is the custom navigation algorithm that lets it pick out the most efficient way to clean your house. You can also set schedules and no-go zones from the Mi Home app. The 5200mAh battery is good for 2.5 hours of cleaning, and the vacuum will automatically go back to its charging base to recharge once power is low.

$480 at Amazon
Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro

Charge all the things: Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro

Xiaomi has been making high-quality power banks for several years now, and the Mi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro is one of its best yet. It has 18W fast charging both ways, meaning it'll be able to top up most phones in under two hours, and it can also recharge very quickly. The aluminum case and sleek design makes it easy to carry, and you get an LED indicator that gives you an easy estimate of remaining battery. You also get a 2-in-1 Micro-USB/USB-C cable in the box.

$30 at Amazon
Mi Bedside Lamp

Set the mood: Mi Bedside Lamp

The Mi Bedside Lamp is the perfect companion for your nightstand. It has a button at the top for switching between colors and modes, and you can even adjust the brightness with a slider. You'll also be able to fine-tune colors and set schedules via the Mi Home app on your phone. Powering the lamp is a 10W bulb that diffuses soft light, and the form factor combined with the fact that it works with Google Assistant makes it a steal.

$45 at Walmart
Mi Electric Scooter

Ride in style: Mi Electric Scooter

If you've used a Bird scooter in the U.S., then you're already familiar with the Mi Electric Scooter. Xiaomi has an exclusive deal to supply Bird with scooters, and they're on sale to consumers. Xiaomi's scooter has a fold-down design that makes it easy to carry, and the range is good for over 18 miles at 15.5mph. There's an LED indicator on the dash that reveals the remaining battery, it has anti-slip handles, a single headlight, red taillight, and a power button to get things started. It has a front and rear double braking system, and you'll be able to view ride stats on your phone.

$400 at Amazon

Whatever you choose, you're getting excellent value

Xiaomi Mi Laser ProjectorSource: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central

From super cheap smart plugs to a nearly $2,000 laser projector, Xiaomi has a vast array of products on sale in the U.S. The Chinese manufacturer is strategic about the products it launches in each market, and its increasingly bringing more and more of its ecosystem products to the U.S. market. That's great news for consumers as the common trait among all of Xiaomi's offerings is value for money.

The Mi Laser Projector is a fantastic product. I've been using it for just over two years now, and it continues to do a stellar job. The projection is bright enough for use during the day, you get great colors and contrast levels, and it comes with Android TV out of the box.

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