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Working from home is a balance that's not easy for everyone to master. Finding the right groove and workflow that makes sense for you is the most important thing you can do to ensure you stay as productive as possible — one of the biggest components of this being your desk. You could just plop your laptop on your home office desk and call it a day, but if you want to get the most out of your workday, there are a few essential desk accessories that we think are worth investing in.

Google Nest Hub

Office hub: Google Nest Hub

Staff Pick

I've been working from home for a few years, and during that time, the Google Nest Hub has quickly become a staple of my desk. I have it placed right below my iMac, giving me a second screen that I can use for looking at calendar appointments, the weather, music playback controls, and even playing the news for background noise. With the Google Assistant built-in, you can ask virtually any question or give any command and have the Nest Hub be ready to help in the blink of an eye.

$130 at Best Buy
Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Affordable assistant: Amazon Echo Dot With Clock

If you like the idea of having a digital assistant right on your desk but can't justify the cost of the Nest Hub, a solid alternative is the Echo Dot With Clock. This compact smart speaker can fit on virtually any desk and still leave plenty of room for everything else. You can get help at any time by just saying "Alexa," and you can use the assistant for playing music, controlling smart home devices, and so much more. As the "With Clock" name suggests, this model has an LED display that can show the time, temperature, and ongoing timers.

$60 at Amazon
Sonos One

A smarter speaker: Sonos One (Gen 2)

As much as I love the Nest Hub and Echo Dot, I'll be the first to admit that they don't have the best speakers. If you want to enjoy your music to the fullest while you're working, you can't go wrong with the Sonos One. Whether you buy just a single speaker or pair two together for stereo sound, Sonos delivers incredible audio quality for a speaker of this size. The Sonos One also supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and even Apple AirPlay 2. If you have other Sonos devices, it'll work beautifully with them, too.

$199 at Amazon
Belkin Boost Up Stand

Convenient charging: Belkin Boost Up Charging Stand

Wireless charging is a fairly common feature here in 2020, meaning there's a good chance your phone supports it. If it does, the Belkin Boost Up is a fantastic wireless charger that'll be perfect on your desk. The stand design means your phone is propped up for easy access throughout the day, allowing you to use it with ease while simultaneously refilling its battery. The Boost Up offers up to 9W charging speeds, comes with an AC adapter, and includes a two-year warranty.

$40 at Amazon
HP Deskjet 3755

Compact printer: HP DeskJet 3755

We may not use printers nearly as much as we once used to, but for those times when you still need to produce physical documents, the HP DeskJet 3755 is a great choice. It holds up to 60 sheets of paper at a time, supports wireless printing over Wi-Fi, and is small enough that it should easily fit on most desks. In addition to printing, the 3755 also offers copy and scan functions. HP touts it as the "world's smallest all-in-one" printer, so if you're tight on space, it's a no-brainer.

$90 at Amazon
Cozoo Under Desk Mount

Tucked away: Cozoo Under Desk Mount

Speaking of maximizing your space, another accessory that holds this same ideal is the Cozoo Under Desk Mount. It attaches to the bottom of your desk using either a 3M adhesive or screws, and once installed, it adds a ton of functionality. Three USB-A ports allow you to charge all of your devices right at your desk, and two arms that can be used for holding headphones, earbuds, or your smartwatch. Cozoo includes three cable management wire clips, not to mention the company's two-year warranty.

$24 at Amazon
iClever USB Charging Station

All the ports: iClever USB Charging Station

Cozoo's Under Desk Mount is a great way to get a few extra ports in a discrete manner, but what if you need more power? Assuming you don't mind adding something else to your desk, the iClever USB Charging Station is an accessory you can't go wrong with. It has four USB-A ports that charge at 2.4A and four AC outlets that kick out 10A charge speeds. There are dual power switches to instantly disable/enable the ports, low-voltage protection, and an 18-month warranty to protect your purchase.

From $20 at Amazon
AUKEY Table Lamp

Multicolored wonder: AUKEY Table Lamp

Like it or not, there will be some nights where you find yourself working late to finish up something for an impending deadline. Having ample light around you will ensure you don't put too much strain on your eyes when working after sunset, and we think the AUKEY Table Lamp is a smart purchase for this very scenario. AUKEY's lamp has a minimalistic design, offers three brightness levels, and can even showcase a variety of RGB colors. The cylindrical shape also helps to provide light in a full 360-degree area.

$28 at Amazon
VicTsing Mouse Pad

Your wrist will thank you: VicTsing Mouse Pad

Eight hours of sitting in front of your computer can be more taxing on your body than it sounds, especially when it comes to your wrists. An easy way to minimize the strain your wrists feel throughout the day is with a reliable mouse pad. This one from VicTsing is especially noteworthy, as it offers a gel-filled cushion for your wrist to comfortably rest while using your mouse. We also appreciate the smooth fabric cover, non-skid PU base for trusty grip on your desk, and the use of non-toxic materials throughout.

$9 at Amazon
Lucky Greenery Artificial Succulents

Spruce things up: Lucky Greenery Artificial Succulents

For this next pick, we're going to shift gears and talk about something that might not seem like an obvious accessory — succulents! As silly as it might sound, having a succulent or two on your desk is a fantastic way to add a personal touch and make your workday just a little more enjoyable. These specific ones have a realistic design but are entirely artificial, meaning you don't have to worry about keeping them alive. You get three at a low price, making this a fantastic value.

$10 at Amazon
Sorbus 3 Tier Bamboo Shelf Organizer

Organization is key: Sorbus 3-Tier Bamboo Shelf Organizer

Organization is essential for having a productive workflow, and if your desk is in need of some assistance in these regards, look no further than this shelf organizer from Sorbus. Made out of real bamboo, you get three drawers and a top shelf to neatly store all of your office essentials. From pens, notes, paper clips, or anything else in between, you can organize everything with ease. The bamboo also gives the organizer a premium look and feel, meaning it should complement the appearance of your desk quite nicely.

$31 at Amazon
Mr Coffee Mug Warmer

Always warm: Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

You'll likely need a copious amount of coffee or tea to make it through some days, and few things are as annoying as making a hot drink only to get busy with an assignment and have it completely cool off before you get a chance to enjoy it. Thanks to the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, you can quickly warm up beverages in two minutes or less and bring them back to optimal drinking temperatures. It comes with a long power cord for stress-free use and has an easy-to-clean design.

$10 at Amazon

Turn your desk into a powerful workstation

Google Nest HubSource: Android Central

A naked desk won't do you much good if you're trying to make the most of working from home, but if you outfit it with a few accessories, it can do wonders for your productivity and overall enjoyment of working out of your house. Overall, we think the top desk accessory is the Google Nest Hub.

The Nest Hub is one of the more recent additions to my work from home desk, but it didn't take long for it to become one of my favorites. It's a perfect complimentary display to my computer, and it's come in handy for having access to music playback controls, seeing my upcoming appointments, and casting YouTube videos to it for much-needed background noise. Plus, if I need help on how to spell a particular word or want to check on the weather outside, help is just a "Hey Google" command away.

Something else that I've loved having on my desk are two Sonos One speakers. I really enjoy listening to music while I work, and having two powerful speakers for stereo audio has been a blast. However, even if you only have the budget to pick up a single Sonos One, it's still more than worth it on its own.

Lastly, I can't stress how convenient it is to have a wireless charger. Assuming your phone supports it, this means you can refuel your phone and have it still be within an arm's reach. The Belkin Boost Up Charging Stand is especially awesome, thanks to its stand-up design and included AC adapter.

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