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Best Wireless Chargers for the iPhone in 2019

(Image credit: Amazon)

Apple finally gave in and decided that AirPower is not meant to be. That is its loss because there are plenty of options to choose from out there. From stands that charge up to three devices at once to regular wireless chargers meant to charge just your iPhone (or whatever device you use), the options are truly endless. Here are our picks for the best wireless chargers for your iPhone in 2019.

Enter the future without wires

You can now unlock the full potential of wireless charging one or multiple devices at once. It's a shame Apple wasn't able to fully realize AirPower, but these options are better because they are real. You can buy them right now and enjoy them.

Our favorite is the Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition (opens in new tab) for its triple ability. AirPower promised to charge three devices at once and Nomad's delivers on that promise with a minimalistic device. It also doesn't hurt that touches like the leather-covered pad and extra USB-C and USB-A ports add even more versatility

Another wireless charger worth considering is the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo (opens in new tab) with its double charger that offers both a stand and a pad. You want to charge your iPhone and new AirPods 2? This charger has got you covered.

Welcome to the wireless future.