Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Central 2022

It can be a little trickier to adhere a screen protector to the curved display of the Galaxy S8 and other phones like it than with a standard flat-screened phone. But if you're worried about a cracked or scratched screen, it's well worth the hassle. We've rounded up some of the most highly-recommended screen protectors for the Galaxy S8 if you still have one as your primary or secondary device.

Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy S8

Best for edge-to-edge protection: Whitestone Dome Glass

Staff pick

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector is arguably the best screen protector you can buy for your Galaxy S8. The kit includes a UV light, which is used in the curing process to ensure a perfect installation that covers the curved edges of the screen.

$45 at Newegg
i-Blason tempered glass screen protector

Great budget pick: i-Blason Tempered Glass Screen Protector

i-Blason makes a tempered glass screen protector that's designed to conform to the Galaxy S8's curved display. It's also slightly shorter than the full height of the phone so that a case won't lift the edges.

Spigen NeoFlex screen protectors

Case-friendly film: Spigen NeoFlex screen protector (2-pack)

Spigen makes plenty of exceptional cases for the Galaxy S8, so it only makes sense that it would also offer a screen protector that's case compatible. Because it's a flexible film, the NeoFlex can provide full protection for your screen without affecting the touch responsiveness.

$9 at Amazon
IQ Shield screen protector

An even better option: IQShield Case Friendly Film Screen Protector (2-pack)

IQShield offers a 2-pack of plastic film screen protectors that are compatible with even the most rugged cases. These are paper-thin screen protectors with oleophobic coatings to help prevent fingerprints and smudges so that you'll barely notice they're there after a clean installation.

$8 at Amazon
LK film screen protector

Easy installation: LK Film Screen Protector (3-pack)

This three-pack of self-healing film screen protectors offer a bit of a different installation with four tabs that LK says ensures a bubble-free install. If you have any issues, you got two backups to use.

$11 at Amazon
Armorsuit militaryshield galaxy s8 screen protector

Wet install for best adhesion: Armorsuit MilitaryShield Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Armorsuit claims its screen protectors use self-healing technology that defends against minor scratches from keys or pocket sand with ease. As with most wet install screen protectors, you need to let this thing sit and dry for a good long time (up to 12 hours) to ensure proper adhesion and get an excellent clean fit.

$9 at Amazon

Give your phone new life with a screen protector

The Galaxy S8 is over three years old now, so you might have a phone that's beginning to show some microabrasions. And since they're so cheap you might have just opted to buy one because it's still a pretty decent phone, even if it isn't the latest and greatest.

No matter how you got your phone, you should be using a screen protector to defend against unsightly scratches or to cover up any noticeable markings on the display. I recommend spending a bit more on the Whitestone Dome Glass, which has proven to be a very reliable option for curved displays such as the Galaxy S8. Alternatively, the Spigen NeoFlex (2-pack) is an excellent value from a brand that also makes outstanding cases.

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