Best Screen Protectors for LG V50

LG V50
LG V50 (Image credit: Android Central)

The LG V50 is one of the first 5G phones available to U.S. consumers, so congrats on being among the lucky first folks to enjoy the future of mobile network technologies. While you're marveling at your up/down speeds, you'll also want to keep that display in good shape with a screen protector. We've rounded up the best options available at launch.

Protect your LG V50's screen

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Those blazing 5G speeds won't be so impressive on a phone with a busted up display. Do yourself a favor and invest in the right style of screen protector for your needs. A tempered glass is better if drop protection is your top concern, while film screen protectors typically offer better coverage on curved displays and do just as well against scratches and microabrasions.

Our top pick comes from Supershieldz which routinely delivers outstanding tempered glass screen protectors for the leading smartphone brands. Here you get two for your LG V50, and it's always great to have a backup at the ready.

For film screen protectors, I have to recommend the UniqueMe three-pack which is a pretty great value and comes with a smoothing blade to clear out any bubbles — a common issue with film screen protectors. UniqueMe is the only brand to mention compatibility with cases.

Marc Lagace

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