If you don't already own a smart TV, there are plenty of affordable ways to add many of the features a standard smart TV has to the one you own already, as long as it's equipped with an HDMI port. One of the more popular ways to do this is with a Roku Streaming Stick, which gives you the ability to stream Netflix, Hulu, Sling, HBO Go, YouTube, and thousands of other similar services right to your TV by simply plugging it in and connecting the device to your home's Wi-Fi network.

With so many Roku devices to choose from, you may be confused on which is right for you. The great news is, they're all fantastic devices, though they do range in price. We've rounded up the best discounts you can find right now for each Roku device.

Best of the Best $89.99: Roku Ultra

This is the top-end Roku box giving you the most bang for your buck. It's got 4K resolution with HDR, an Ethernet port, plus external storage support via microSD cards and USB. Plus the remote control has a headphone jack for private listening, and a couple extra buttons for playing any of the games available in Roku's stable.


Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra regularly retails for $100, but right now it's $10 off at Amazon. If you're all-in on 4K and want a wired connection for increased speed and reliability, the Roku Ultra should be your first choice — especially at this price. It also comes with 30 days of Sling TV at no extra cost.

$89.99 $99.99 $10 savings

Best 4K Streamer $49: Roku Streaming Stick+

The Streaming Stick+ is not quite as powerful as the Ultra, but it has a smaller form factor and plugs straight into your TV's HDMI port. It still does 4K resolution and HDR, but it lacks and Ethernet port and external storage support. It does, however, work with Wi-Fi 5 (aka 802.11ac). If you want a Roku stick, this is the one to get.

4K streams

Roku Streaming Stick+

With 4K support and a super simple plug and play design, the Roku Streaming Stick+ is worth investing in at $49. It's only ever dropped lower than this during Black Friday sales.

$49 $59.99 $11 savings

Best at 1080p HD $44.80: Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick is very similar to its Plus counterpart in design and in terms of the services it gives you access to. However, it tops out at 1080p HD resolution.

Save in HD

Roku Streaming Stick

If you're not yet all-in on 4K, you can save a little more by opting for this HD-only model.

$44.80 $49.99 $5 savings

All Roku Deals

Built-in: TCL Roku 4K Smart TV

If you're in the market for a new TV, you can get sets from a variety of brands with Roku TV built right in. TCL offers some of the most affordable 4K options on the market with prices starting at $230 — $100 off — right now.

From $229.99 at Amazon

Entry level: Roku Express

Roku Express is the most affordable device in Roku's streaming lineup at $30. It supports 1080p streaming but is limited to 802.11n Wi-Fi support. If you want the cheapest entry point to Roku, this mini-box is for you.

$29.88 at Amazon

Refurbished: Roku Ultra

Going for a refurb model can help you save even more money. Besides, who cares if the box under your TV or hidden away in your TV unit isn't brand new? The top-of-the-line Ultra is available for as little as $69 in refurbished condition and has been tested to look and work like new.

$69 at Amazon

How to get the Best Roku Deals

The majority of Roku devices won't break the bank even if you buy them at full price. Spending a little more for the 4K models is probably going to be the wisest way to spend your money in order to future-proof yourself, but Roku caters to all budgets with 1080p models, too.

Regardless of which model you want, it's nice to make a saving whoever you can. Roku devices get discounted around peak shopping times — think Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day — so those are generally the best time of year to pick them up. Otherwise, keep this page bookmarked and check Thrifter on the regular for daily updates on deals. You might also need a new 4K TV for your Roku device so upgrade with the Best 4K TV deals.

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