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Night lights are a must in any kid's bedroom or baby's nursery, right up there in importance with a baby monitor. For kids, it can help them sleep at night, particularly if they are afraid of the dark. It can also provide parents a path for late night feedings, diaper changes, or soothing sessions. The Lumipets Nursery Bear Night Light is an absolutely adorable night light and the best night light that will appeal to kids of all ages. Available in a different animal designs, they are made of silicone and are totally safe for kids to play with as well, even cuddle with at night.

Best Overall: Lumipets Nursery Bear Night Light

Lumipets Nursery Bear Night Light LifestyleSource: Chad Dahlquist @

While these adorable night lights come in a variety of different cute animal shapes and designs, including a fox, bunny, and dragon, among others, you can't go wrong with a classic teddy bear. It's made of non-toxic and washable silicone material, so kids can not only enjoy the soft glowing night light, but also play or cuddle with it at night to help sooth themselves to sleep. It measures just 6 inches tall, making it the perfect size for small hands.

It has a touch sensor and can swap between nine different colored lights, and all are soft and soothing. The unit doesn't get warm and is cordless, operating on a rechargeable battery so the kids can keep it with them in bed or throughout the day. The battery lasts for anywhere from 12-20 hours, depending on the intensity of light.

Tap the bear to change colors or use the included remote to control the color changing, along with sleep timer and brightness. Timers are available for 15-, 30-, and 60-minute intervals so the bear can automatically go off once the baby or child has successfully fallen asleep.


  • Doubles as a toy
  • Various super cute designs available
  • Safe for babies of all ages
  • Can control brightness
  • Sleep timers available


  • Could be distracting for a child
  • Expensive

Best Overall

Lumipets Nursery Bear Night Light

Lumipets Nursery Bear Night Light

Cute and cuddly

The teddy bear-shaped night light is not only a soothing soft night light but also a cute and cuddly toy.

Best for Older Kids: Kids Star Night Light

Kids Star Night Light LifestyleSource: Amazon

Older kids might be embarrassed about needing or wanting a night light and will appreciate the idea of the 360-degree rotating star projection you get here, which is designed as a desk lamp. It contains four LED bulbs that project a starry sky on the walls and ceilings for a cool effect that mimics the outdoors. Remove the inner plastic cover and it becomes a desk lamp. Add the shade to dim the lights for nighttime.

There are eight modes, including warm yellow, blue, red, and green lights, and the warm, soft light won't stimulate the eyes or disrupt sleep. Choose from multiple color or single-color mode with clear-colored stars. It's spherical in shape, and comes with a blue base, however, it is available in other color options.

This light is appropriate for kids aged 8-12. The gorgeous starry sky helps develop their imagination and creativity, and can distract them from fears at nighttime. Plus, you can use the light for other purposes as well, like parties and sleepovers. It can plug in via USB or run from four AAA batteries (not included), though it's advised to take the batteries out if you aren't using them. Get a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with it.


  • Good for decorative uses as well
  • Unique for older kids
  • Doubles as desk lamp
  • Can run wired or on batteries
  • Multiple color modes


  • Might be too distracting for some kids
  • Doesn't come with batteries

Best for Older Kids

Kids Star Night Light

Kids Star Night Light

Oh starry night

Kids will be mesmerized by the starry sky that's projected on the walls and ceiling, helping soothe them to sleep.

Best for Babies: LOFTER Plug-in Night Light – 2-pack

Lofter Plug In Night Light LifestyleSource: Lofter

This plug-in night light is unobtrusive and will provide a soothing glow that ensures babies and young toddlers aren't scared of a pitch black room. It also won't distract them by being too bright. The smart dusk-to-dawn setting means the light comes on automatically when the ambient light isn't sufficient and turns off when not needed, saving energy in the process.

They can rotate among eight different colors that aren't as bright as white, but you can keep it on one color, including a calming white. The slim design means the light fits flat against the wall, though the design may cover a second outlet above or below it. The light can't be dimmed but as noted, you can choose a softer color if white is too bright.

This light is ideal for babies and nursing moms or new parents. It won't get in the way but will provide a nice path to the crib for late night feeding sessions or diaper changes. With two in a pack, place them around the room, keep one as a spare, or plug it in somewhere else.


  • Unobtrusive design
  • Energy saving smart feature
  • Eight color options
  • Affordable


  • May block second outlet
  • Can't adjust the light levels

Best for Babies

Lofter Plug In Night Light

LOFTER Plug-in Night Light – 2-pack

Lead the path

Parents will appreciate this night light as much as babies will, because it stays out of the way and leads a path to the crib.

Best Cool Design: The Avengers Marvel Comics 3D Optical Illusion LED Night Light

Avengers 3d Optical Illusion Night Light LifestyleSource: Amazon

Any kid who's a Marvel fan will absolutely love this night light, which functions as a desk lamp and 3D sculpture. This isn't actually 3D though — it's an illusion thanks to plane acrylic glass with a 2D laser engraving image on the surface. It makes it look 3D when the lights are off.

It features favorite Marvel superhero characters including Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America in their signature poses. Use the remote to turn the light on or off and change the colors. You can also touch the sensor on the base to change the color from among 16 options.

Charge it up using the charging cable or insert three AAA batteries into the base (not included). It's a great option for older kids who can hide their need for a night light in this super-cool and eye-catching 3D sculpture that sits on their night table.


  • Doubles as a desk lamp and sculpture
  • Can operate on batteries
  • 16 different color options
  • Multiple superheroes to choose from
  • Comes with a remote


  • Larger design
  • Can't adjust brightness
  • Batteries not included

Best Cool Design

Avengers 3d Optical Illusion Night Light

The Avengers Marvel Comics 3D Optical Illusion LED Night Light

Night light and table lamp

Marvel fans will absolutely adore this night light that doubles as a desk lamp and provides a 3D optical illusion in the dark.

Best for Simplicity: U Uzopi Plug-in Night Light – 2-pack

Uzopi Plug In Night Light LifestyleSource: Amazon

If you just want something super simple, this two-pack of plug-in night lights might fit the bill. They plug into a standard AC outlet without blocking the second outlet and turn on automatically when needed then shut off when they aren't thanks to the dusk to dawn sensor.

The gentle 0.8-watt light is easy on the eyes and you can choose from 10 colors — red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, pink, rose, red, or warm white. You can cycle among them or freeze on your favorite. The night light also offers stepless dimming via a slide switch so you can adjust the light to your child's liking.

Made with a fireproof casing and over-current protection, they are safe to use in a child or baby's room. And they won't stand out, remaining hidden until the light is needed.


  • Inexpensive
  • Won't block second outlet
  • Stepless dimming to appeal to different children's needs
  • Extra safety measures
  • Comes in a two-pack


  • No fun designs

Best for Simplicity

Uzopi Plug In Night Light

U Uzopi Plug-in Night Light – 2-pack

Gets the job done

Plug this light into an outlet, select a color, adjust the brightness to a level your child likes, and you're off to the races.

Best for Travel: VAVA Home VA-CL009

Vava Night Light LifestyleSource: VAVA

The VAVA Home VA-CL009 is an ideal night light to bring with you when traveling thanks to its portable and handheld design and the ability to last for up to 100 hours per charge when used on the lowest mode. Made from toy-grade material, it's safe for babies and toddlers to play with as well so it can double as a toy to distract them.

It can be controlled by touch in multiple ways — double tap it to deactivate standby mode to turn on a gentle night light and double tap again to reactivate standby. A long touch lets you dim the warm light and hold it for 1.5 seconds to turn on the night light. There's also a toggle switch for warm night. Tap once to go through the various RGB color options, including eight different colours. The next time you turn the light on, it will remember the last setting.

There's a one-hour timer function on the bottom so you can leave the light with your child and it will automatically turn off after they have fallen asleep. The LED will blink red when the battery is low, prompting you to recharge. The USB charging and non-slip base further make it perfect for travel.


  • Travel-friendly design
  • Long battery life
  • Safe for kids to play with
  • Multiple touch controls
  • Sleep timer included


  • Could be distracting
  • Might be too big for your needs
  • Expensive

Best for Travel

Vava Night Light

VAVA Home VA-CL009

This travel-friendly, battery-operated night light can come with you anywhere and works as a safe toy for baby, too.

Bottom line

Night lights for kids come in all shapes and sizes, typically designed to either stay out of the way but provide enough light that a child isn't scared at night, or to stand out and distract kids from their fears, helping soothe them to sleep.

The Lumipets Nursery Bear Night Light puts a new twist on the concept of a traditional night light by combining the light with a cute toy that can sit on the night table as a desk lamp, or even go right in bed with the child. It still has all of the essential features you'd want in a night light including brightness control, sleep timer, and different colors. Older kids can control the lights themselves via the touch sensors. And if the bear isn't your child's favorite, there are plenty of other animal options from which to choose.

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