Best Dell PC Accessories 2020

Dell P2419h Monitor Hero
Dell P2419h Monitor Hero (Image credit: Dell)

Dell and its subsidiary Alienware make some of the best PC accessories on the market, both for their own PCs and laptops and for other PC brands. We've looked through their collection of mice, keyboards, speakers, docking stations, webcams and other useful accessories for your computer, and picked the best devices that you should consider using with your PC rig.

Bottom line

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Dell sells a variety of brands on its site, but you get a consistent level of quality with Dell and Alienware accessories for productivity and gaming, respectively. Your main question is how much you're willing to spend, as bargain Dell products are guaranteed to work well and cover the basics, but gaming devices and premium devices can actually be useful for more than just gaming.

You can save money on the perfectly functional, stylish 24" P2419H Monitor. It's the cheapest, baseline option of our best Dell monitor picks, with a bright and IPS-compliant screen and a freely adjustable base so you can shift and tilt the display for maximum comfort. However, you may want to upgrade to a QHD display like the UltraSharp 27" if you don't mind doubling the price for vastly improved resolution and colors, or choose the Alienware 25" Gaming Monitor if you want a speedy display for both work and play.

Similarly, you could choose the standard Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, but people working from home may want to consider a reliable mechanical keyboard, which the Alienware AW510K fits to a T. And for the sake of maximum comfort, you could spend a little extra on an ergonomic WM527 wireless mouse and fight off carpal tunnel from long work weeks clutching a tiny mouse.

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