The best deals from Huawei you can't afford to miss this Black Friday

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Huawei logo CES 2016 (Image credit: Android Central)

This year, as millions of customers around the world vie for the best Black Friday deals, you can get some of the best of Huawei's smartphones, laptops, watches and more for the lowest prices of the year. Whether you're looking to upgrade to the phenomenal P40 Pro, the powerful performance of the Matebook D 15 or looking for both to really take advantage of Huawei Share, you won't want to miss out on these savings.

Huawei Black Friday smartphone deals

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Black Friday often brings consumers the best savings of the year and this year is no different. You simply will not find a better price on Huawei products. Offers vary by country, but we here at Android Central have gathered all the best deals here for you.

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Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

P40 Pro

By far the most impressive smartphone Huawei offers, the P40 Pro can be yours now for the lowest price of the year. As our own Daniel Bader said, "This is… the most impressive piece of hardware I've used this year (and yes, that includes the Galaxy S20+) and the first true flagship from the embattled Chinese company that tries to make a real go at Google independence."

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

P30 Pro

Huawei's P30 Pro is a fantastic phone with an amazing camera. Described by our own Nirave Gondhia, "The only camera you need...the P30 Pro is more than just a camera with phone parts, it's also an excellent phone."

Source: Huawei (Image credit: Source: Huawei)

P30 Lite

Customers looking for a great budget phone will be pleased with the savings on Huawei's P30 Lite. Our own Marc Lagace had this to say about the Huawei P30 Lite: "The Huawei P30 Lite is an interesting budget phone that offers some similar specs from the P30 Pro — all-screen display with a little notch, a three-camera set up, and a sleek and modern design — but at half the price of the Pro model and with a traditional fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone."

Huawei Black Friday Matebook deals

Best known for their smartphones, Huawei also has the impressive Matebook line of super slim laptops and the Black Friday Matebook deals can't be beat!

Source: Future (Image credit: Source: Future)

Matebook D15

Huawei's D15 can be found for the lowest price of the year. Described by Tech Radar's Matt Hanson as, "A mid-range laptop with high-end looks." this is a fantastic, ultra slim laptop.

Source: Future (Image credit: Source: Future)

Matebook 14

Huawei's Matebook 14 is a great choice as well. Described by Tech Radar's Bill Thomas, "The Huawei MateBook 14 takes the hardware of the MateBook X Pro and condenses it down into a much more affordable device with little compromise. It is easily the Huawei laptop we'd recommend in 2019 – second only to Huawei's MateBook 13."

Source: Future (Image credit: Source: Future)

Matebook 13

Huawei's Matebook 13 is a super slim laptop built to impress. Described by TechRadar's Joe Osborne, the Matebook 13 is "The most value-packed flagship laptop to date."

Even more Huawei Black Friday deals

It's not just smartphones and laptops on sale either. Huawei has some great Black Friday deals on smartwatches and earbuds.

Source: Future (Image credit: Source: Future)

Watch GT2 Pro

The Watch GT2 Pro was described by Tech Radar's Naushad K. Cherrayil as "A watch made for fitness aficionados" and now it can be yours for the best price of the year.

Source: Future (Image credit: Source: Future)

Watch GT Noir

The Watch GT Noir is also on sale this Black Friday. Described by Tom's Guide's Caitlyn McGarry, "Huawei's new smartwatch and fitness tracker are focused on fitness and lengthy battery life."

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Freebuds Pro

Huawei's earbuds, the Freebuds Pro can also be found for the lowest price yet. As our own Alex Dobbie says, "The Huawei FreeBuds Pro deliver great audio quality, fully-featured noise-canceling functionality and long battery life, plus intuitive gesture controls."

Using Huawei Share to connect your new devices

Whether you're picking up a new Huawei smartphone, Matebook, or both, Huawei Share will connect your devices for seamless sharing and synchronization. Enabling Huawei Share makes your Huawei smartphone appear as a computer on your local network for quick and easy file sharing. If you have multiple Huawei devices or you and a friend both have Huawei devices, Huawei Share allows instant file sharing similar to iPhone's Airdrop.

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