Best Buy now sells spare official Moto 360 chargers

Best Buy is now selling spare Moto 360 chargers so you can buy an extra for the office and keep one at home. Unfortunately, the Qi wireless charging accessory doesn't come cheap, and the official Moto 360 charger, which props up your smartwatch up so you can see it comfortably on a desk on night stand, costs $39.99 at Best Buy.

If you're not looking for a genuine Motorola-made Moto 360 Qi charger for your watch, there are other cheaper Qi wireless charging options available out there.

Will you be picking up a spare Moto 360 Qi charger? Let us know in the comments, but in the meantime be sure to take a quick read at our Qi charger showdown if you're interested in wireless chargers.

Thanks to Scott for the tip.

Source: Best Buy

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