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Best Basketball Hoops in 2022

(Image credit: Amazon)

It's always a great time to shoot some hoops! Having to head all the way to a gym or a public park means more time traveling and waiting for an open court, and less time playing. Instead, why not bring basketball to your home, neighborhood, or even your office? Whether you want something permanent or temporary, we've selected the best basketball hoops in each category.

Shoot some hoops

Any of these hoops will be a delight to a true basketball enthusiast. That being said, we think the Polyethylene Lifetime Portable Basketball System (opens in new tab) is the best choice for most people. There are no holes to dig, no cement to pour, and no semi-permanent location commitment with this model -- because it's portable. Water or sand will keep the hoop in place, and you can move it to the street for more space, or back to the driveway in there's a lot of traffic.

If you've got enough room on your property or in your neighborhood for a permanent basketball area, then spring for the Silverback In-Ground Basketball Hoop (opens in new tab). The backboard is most like those you'll find inside gyms, which means it's better for working on your skills. It's also sturdy and adjustable so that all ages can enjoy it.