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Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian (available on Disney Plus) is one of the most popular Star Wars characters right now simply because of how cute he is. Fans everywhere are desperately trying to get their hands on apparel based on the little guy. Thankfully, despite the lack of available official merchandise, there's plenty of fan-made Baby Yoda-themed wearables out there for The Mandalorian fans. Here's a list of some of our favorites.

The design of the shirt.

Our favorite: Cute I Am, Adore Me You Must T-Shirt

Staff pick

Between the adorable use of "Yodaspeak," the big picture of Baby Yoda, and the clean design, this shirt is easily our top choice. Buy it, you must. I have spoken.

From $20 at Eletees
The design of the shirt.

Simple tee: The Child T-Shirt

This tee is great for people who want a simple look. It features nothing more than Baby Yoda looking straight ahead with the logo for The Mandalorian beneath him.

From $19 at Hot Topic
The shirt.

Colorful tee: Baby Yoda Sunset T-Shirt

This shirt is perfect if you're looking for something on the vibrant side, as it features Baby Yoda's face as a silhouette with Mando walking toward a sunset within it.

From $20 at Teeress
The shirt.

Pop culture reference: Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian T-Shirt

This tee hilariously references The Lion King, placing Baby Yoda in the pose of Simba with Mando acting as his "Rafiki."

From $34 at Fandom Store
The shirt.

Adorable style: Baby Yoda Pocket T-Shirt

This shirt has a small pocket graphic with Baby Yoda popping out on the left side of the shirt, making it an adorable choice.

From $32 at Planet Slay
The shirt.

In his pod: The Child Floating T-Shirt

This tee features a clean image of Baby Yoda floating in his "egg pod" with a large version of the logo for The Mandalorian underneath it.

From $24 at Teeress
The shirt.

Big head style: Baby Yoda Big Head T-Shirt

This shirt has a stylized image of Baby Yoda with a large head on it, making it a cute and silly choice that many fans will love.

From $18 at Woof Wardrobe Designs
The shirt.

Concept art design: The Child Circle T-Shirt

This shirt is based on cute official concept art from The Mandalorian. It's got Baby Yoda giving an adorable smile within a circular frame.

$28 at Amazon
The shirt.

Painted art style: Love Me You Must T-Shirt

This tee has a paint-like art style, giving it a unique look. It also compliments the adorable "Yodaspeak" quote well, too.

From $29 at Starfall

If we had to choose

There are so many impressive and unique types of Baby Yoda shirts out there right now, so choosing one is a difficult task. However, if we had to make a pick ourselves, we would go with the Cute I Am, Adore Me You Must T-Shirt as it has a clean, cute, and comedic design that looks amazing.

A fantastic runner-up option is the Baby Yoda Sunset T-Shirt, as it combines a vibrant color palette with a creative and visually-striking design direction. If you want a shirt that's very "out there," this is the choice for you.

People who are looking for something that's extremely cuteness-focused, both the Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian T-Shirt and Baby Yoda Pocket T-Shirt are excellent picks. While every image of Baby Yoda is cute, the graphics found on these shirts take it to a whole other level.

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