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The new Disney Plus show The Mandalorian is a hit and for good reason. It features a complex but ultimately likable title character, but more importantly, it features Baby Yoda! The little green one, or The Child as he's officially known, has stolen the show and our hearts as the most loveable character in the cultural zeitgeist right now, and his presence has spawned an entire industry of official and unofficial Mandalorian and Baby Yoda merchandise, including car decals. Check out some of our favorites from the collection below, and start repping the little green dude (or dudette) on your ride!

M&R Cute Green Baby Alien

The Child in Crib, Color: M&R Cute Green Baby Alien

Staff Pick

Despite calling it "cute green baby alien," this simple 5-by-5-inch vinyl decal is my favorite out of all the Baby Yoda stickers I've come across. It's cute, simple, bright-eyed, and optimistic.

$11 at Amazon
M&R Cute Baby Alien White

The Child in Crib, Silhouette: M&R Cute Baby Alien White

This is the black and white version of our favorite sticker. If you're not much for adding color to your car or if you don't want your stickers to clash, this is the way to go.

$6 at Amazon
Bargain Max Decals Mandalorian Baby Yoda

The Perfect Pair: Bargain Max Decals Madalorian Baby Yoda Crib

What better way to celebrate your love of the show than by showcasing the two main characters on your car?

$5 at Amazon
M&R Two Pack Realistic Baby Yoda

Two-for-one: M&R Two Pack Realistic Cute Baby Alien Stickers

This full-color (well, all green) Baby Yoda is too cute in its little jumper. Best of all, you get two for the price of one.

$6 at Amazon
Cove Signs Baby Yoda Decal

Baby Yoda Green Silhouette: Cove Signs Baby Yoda Decal

This is another great silhouette of The Child, this time looking up (at Mando?) for guidance. Just peep those trusting eyes!

$4 at Amazon
Bro Joe Decals Baby Yoda on Board

Baby on Board, Take One: Yoda Baby on Board There Is

Here we have a modern take on a classic car decal meme, although Baby Yoda definitely has more mainstream appeal than most normal babies.

$8 at Amazon
Titans Unique Design Baby Jedi on Board

Baby on Board, Take Two: Titans Baby Jedi On Board Decal

This is a slightly less modern take on the Baby on Board meme that pre-dates The Mandalorian, but I thought it was cute nonetheless.

$11 at Amazon
NG Baby Yoda Decal 1

Sad Baby in Crib: NG Baby Yoda Decal Vinyl Sticker

I think every new parent would appreciate The Child's floating crib, but these sad eyes are just killing me!

$5 at Amazon
NG Baby Yoda Decal 2

Sad Baby Standing: NG Baby Yoda 2 Decal Vinyl Sticker

There's a reason I'm putting these sad decals at the bottom of this list. Baby Yoda is too cute, but those eyes are ripping through the Force to my soul.

$6 at Amazon
M&R Baby Yoda is my Patronus

Final Fantasy Worlds: M&R Baby Yoda is My Patronus Vinyl Decal

Not sure how I feel about this fantasy world crossover, but I do love me some Baby Yoda in floating crib stickers. If this Gryffindor could choose his Patronus, it'd be The Child for sure.

$8 at Amazon
Hill Country Vinyl Toyoda Sticker

Pun Fun: Hill Country Vinyl Toyoda Sticker

Don't groan too loudly at this one. True it's not technically Baby Yoda, but it's loosely related, and I love a good pun!

$6 at Amazon
WYCO Products Baby Yoda for President

Get Out the Vote: WYCO Products Baby Yoda for President 2020

This sticker isn't cute, but it's a good reminder to all of us to perform our civic duty next year. After all, The Child in green is better than the children up for election!

$4 at Amazon

These are my favorites. I have spoken

Baby Yoda is the best thing to happen to pop culture in quite a while, and I don't think there's anything wrong with showing the little green baby some love while we're out and about town. My personal favorite Baby Yoda decals are the ones that show the creature in a happy mood, like this one from M&R, but I also have a soft spot for silhouette stickers like this one of Mando and The Child. New parents might even get a kick out of telling the world they have a little Jedi in the car.

Whichever decal you choose, don't be afraid to rep The Child on your car (or laptop) soon. If you're looking for more Baby Yoda in your life, there are plenty of other products with the little one's face on it for you to puruse. May the force be with you!

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