Best ASUS ROG Phone 2 Cases Android Central 2021

If you are looking for a gaming smartphone, then the obvious pick would have to be the ASUS ROG Phone 2 due to its versatility and ability to truly game on the go. However, you will definitely want to protect your investment and your gaming rig, so we have found the best cases for the ROG Phone 2.

Slim and shockproof: DDJ Shockproof Shell Case

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There is a reason why TPU cases are so popular nowadays and it's because they are lightweight, but offer a decent amount of protection. This Shell Case from DDJ falls in that category with its flexible TPU shell, while offering a comfortable grip and precise cutouts.

$9 at Amazon

First party: Armor Lighting Smart Case

The official Armor Lighting case for the ASUS ROG Phone 2 is rather unique in the fact that it sports a built-in NFC chip. This will display a custom wallpaper, along with additional features to take advantage of the light on the back.

$46 at Giztop

Show it off: Redluckstar Silicone Bumper Case

Of course you'll want to show off the back casing of the ROG Phone 2, and the Redluckstar Silicone Case allows you to do so. This case offers cutouts for the light on the back, along with a cutout for heat dissipation, all while keeping the phone safe from accidents.

$8 at Amazon

Added versatility: Foluu Canvas Folio Case

There are times where you need to step away from your gaming session and head out to an appointment. The Foluu Canvas Folio Case allows you to do so, while giving you the benefits of holding onto your credit card or license. Plus, you can prop the case up if you want to be able to watch something while you are out.

$11 at Amazon

Full protection: Feitenn Slim Bumper Shell

When looking for a case, it's always great to find one that shows off your phone, but even better if a screen protector is included. The Feitenn Slim Bumper shell includes a clear case that snaps onto the back, but also includes a screen protector so you can keep your screen free of scratches.

$15 at Amazon

Raised corners: Orzero Soft TPU Case

A lot of TPU cases offer the bare-minimum when it comes to protection, but not the Soft TPU Case from Orzero. This case has raised edges and re-inforced corners so that it will act as an airbag in the event that you drop the ROG Phone 2 on a hard surface.

$10 at Amazon

Protect your mobile gaming rig

When it comes to finding the best case to pair with your new mobile gaming rig, the choice is pretty obvious. It makes sense to go with the official Armor Lighting Case from ASUS as you get the built-in NFC chip and a slew of other extra features to really show off your ROG Phone 2.

However, if you are just looking for a basic, no-nonsense case for the ROG Phone 2, then you can't go wrong with the DDJ Shockproof Shell Case. This case is slim, flexible, and has a textured back so it will stay in your hands and not accidentally end up on the ground.

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