Best Android-themed Pride Shirt Android Central 2020

It's June and not only does that mean graduations and summer vacations, it also marks Pride Month. That means celebrations and parades to support an awesome community. However, what if you're a huge Android fan and want to show off both your Pride and Android fandom? These shirts will let you do both and the best part is that you can show off your excitement all year round.

Androids with Pride: Google Android Pride Shirt

Staff pick

Way back in 2010, some new shirts started appearing with two Android figures holding hands along with one holding a Pride flag. This shirt made its way into a few parades and has become a staple for those looking to support Google, Android, and Pride. You can easily get one of these for yourself now and show off everything that you love and support.

$21 at Redbubble

Straight and to the point: Rainbow Android Shirt

Plain and simple wins the race most of the time, and that's what you get with this Rainbow Android shirt. There's a nice and large logo in the center of the shirt, and it comes in sizes starting with Small and going up to 3XL. Plus, if you want something for the winter, you can even get it in a pullover sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt.

$18 at Redbubble

The crossover we deserve: Android 77-98 Logo Shirt

It's not often that we see an Android/Apple cross-over but that's exactly what we're getting with this 77-98 Android shirt. The Android logo has been readapted and inspired to look like the rainbow Apple logo from 1977–1998, and will look awesome wherever you wear it.

$18 at Redbubble

T-Rex for the win: Google Chrome Rainbox T-Rex Tank-top

If you're a fan of Android and Chrome, then chances are you have seen the awesome T-Rex game that appears when your connection is offline. This Tank-top not only lets you show off that cute T-Rex, but also can show off your Pride with the color scheme.

$20 at Redbubble

Party like it's 2012: Gay Pride Android Ghost T-Shirt

This may seem a bit off-keel at first glance — unless you are a diehard Android fanboy or fangirl. This is the ghost emoji that began appearing on Android with the release of Jelly Bean, and stuck around until it was replaced with Android Marshmallow a few years later.

$20 at Redbubble

Enjoy the nostalgia: Android Lollipop T-Shirt

Android 5.0 Lollipop was one of the biggest releases ever for Google, and was a favorite for quite a few users. Fans of nostalgia will enjoy showing off this unique and awesome Lollipop-inspired t-shirt complete with the Pride colors. Plus, if you don't want the plain black background, there are 30 different colors to choose from along with sizes ranging from Small to 6XL.

$19 at Spreadshirt

Classic Google: Google White Tee

This may not be exactly Pride or Android-themed, but the good ole' Google logo t-shirt still gives you a few different colors of the rainbow. Plus, it comes straight from Google so you can enjoy having something branded and made by the company itself.

$22 at Google

Show off your Pride and love for Android

This is a great time of the year to show off your support of the LGBT+ community, but you can do so by also showing off your love for Android. Perhaps our favorite pick is the Google Android Pride shirt, especially since Google used to sell this a few years back. But there's just something about that T-Rex shirt that makes me feel happy just looking at it.

Even though Google doesn't sell the regular Android Pride shirt anymore, it's still a great pick since it will kick up the nostalgia from years past. The T-Rex shirt is absolutely phenomenal despite not being just dedicated to Android, especially for those who love playing the T-Rex game found in Chrome when you don't have an internet connection.

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